Koelle Simpson – Transformational tension: How to sit in the space in between now and what’s next 

How do you respond to transformational tension?

Those moments that form the space in-between what we were – and what we’re becoming. The information we had access to – and what we know now.

That deeply uncomfortable place where we can feel change coming, but don’t yet know what the new horizon is going to look like.

Most of us choose from a few responses. We freeze – remain still so the threat won’t find us. We fight – start kicking and thrashing. Or we bolt – isolating ourselves from the herd until the threat has passed.

In that sense, in many ways. We’re no different to any other creature in nature.

Apart from one important aspect. We have the capacity to first get curious and then decide HOW we respond in those moments.

In today’s episode, we’re going to be talking – amongst many things – about learning to sit with transformational tension. 

To do that, I get to welcome back one of my favorite guests Koelle Simpson.

Today’s Guest Koelle Simpson

Koelle Simpson is one of the most highly regarded horse whispers on the planet.

A world-renowned coach and leader of the Equus Coaching Movement. Her work has been featured in O Magazine, BBC Business Report, The National Journal, The OWN Network. She is also a TEDx speaker as well as appearing on many other stages around the world. 

Since 2006 The Koelle Institute has worked with individuals and Fortune 500 organisations all over the world to create transformational leadership experiences – all by using the lens of her journey as a horse whisperer – to decode the silent language of authority.

Why silent? Well when it comes to building trust with a wild horse, all the best sales or leadership language in the world isn’t going to help. Charm and charisma don’t work. And raising your voice generally has the opposite effect.

Horses are listening to one thing and one thing alone. Your presence. Your ability to show up fully and yet with calm intent. Your ability to wait and hold space – and yet – still instil trust that you will lead the charge when it counts.

Get it wrong – panic or overcompensate – and you may well meet the wrong end of 1000 pounds of muscle, of instant feedback.

Which is why when I first came across Koelle and the world of horse whispering – and the lessons it has to teach about leadership presence – I had to know more.

One of the pleasures of having people on the podcast a second time, is that I can let the conversation go organically where it needs to go. 

“Like all transitions we have to be ready to sit in transformational tension.”

“The thing that is really needed is for each of us to cultivate our empathy … and curiosity.”

“We were never meant to do this alone.”

Personal website: https://koellesimpson.com/

Company website: https://equuscoach.com/equus-coach-training2/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koelle.simpson
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/koellesimpson/?igshid=18gyzqhw71gs0

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/koelle-simpson-21835012/

You’ll learn

  • Dealing with transformational tension – honouring the space of ‘becoming’ and all the triggers and instinctive responses that brings.
  • The importance of a healthy herd, and what the herds of nature have to teach us about cohesion in its most efficient form.
  • How to stay curious and notice when we’re activated, then choose a response that’s in alignment with the person and leader we wish to become.
  • Her own experiences after a recent life changing surgery – her surrender and perspective on this quite literally took my breath away.
  • Finally, how to use your body to create a sense of calm and safety – first for yourself and then those around you.

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