The secrets to mastering attention 

Greetings everyone, my name is Julie Masters and welcome to another episode of Inside Influence. In which I delve into the minds of some of the world’s most fascinating influencers – or experts in influence – to get to the bottom of what it really takes to own your voice – and then amplify it to drive an industry, a conversation, a movement or a nation.

In this episode, we journey from mastery to magic decoding the magician’s secrets with the incredible Vinh Giang. While it’s fair to say I research all of my guests in great detail, I literally had to pull myself away from the computer as I could have easily lost days in total awe of Vinh’s genius.

Vinh has a gift for translating the magician’s code in a business context. He demystifies the illusions of magic and has created seriously compelling content empowering audiences with the tools to navigate technicality vs performance and craft vs charisma. He is fascinated by the human psychology behind the tricks, the nature of perception, and the art of illusion. He uses these tools as metaphors to unlock the audience’s mind to an array of new possibilities.

Vinh explores concepts such as timing, practice, skills, connection and of course the influence of the magician over the audience. His ultimate goal whether it is in business or life is to see the possible in the impossible. To feel the magic in the metaphors and to find the solutions that set success in motion.

As a speaker, Vinh has partnered with many organisations including globally recognized names such as HSBC, Microsoft, and Gartner. As an innovator, Vinh founded the first online training platform to teach magic, and as a result, was honored to be awarded South Australia Young Entrepreneur. As an awarded magician, he has created magic for audiences all over the world.

Growing up in a refugee family Vinh always valued hard work as the road to success, and this attitude is evident in his mission to educate others on the mastery behind the magic and the process behind the perception.

During the interview, I was again in sheer awe of Vinhs ability to communicate the impossible to make it possible and could have easily lost hours in conversation. To summarise, we covered off some of the following key points in our discussion…

The power of following your passion

The balance between technical skill and performance

The unwritten agreement to be a master of illusion in magic

Understanding our vehicle for influence

The body and voice as our most powerful instrument

How we hold, keep and control attention

The power of rate, pitch, and pause when presenting

The sight, sound and synch audit when reviewing our presentations

Understanding the voice as the tool to impact

What is mastery and how is it achieved

The power of perspective in challenging whats possible

Why magic lives in the unknown

Why talent has nothing to do with success

Why great teachers craft the experience

Get ready to soak up tips, tools, and insights from a true master of communication, influence, and performance. Vinh is on a mission to assist others to ‘never die with the music still inside’, and this podcast is a guide that will allow you to begin to understand your song, your rhythm, and what it takes to master that melody and ultimately create magic in the lives of those with whom you influence.


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