Leading Wild Horses – The silent language of authority 

What can we learn about the art of influence from taming a creature as wild as the horse?

How do we decode a silent language that speaks with feelings and desire rather than cognitive thoughts or words?

How do we begin to understand the silent network of communication that exists within our subconscious mind, and how is it possible to gain insights into some of the most profound parts of human condition by spending an hour horse whispering?

Today, I am honoured to explore all of these questions and more with a world renowned life coach, horse whisperer and the founder of the Equus Coaching Movement, Koelle Simpson.

Koelle’s incredible journey into horse whispering came as a result of experiencing trauma as a child that ultimately led to her destiny. In order to heal, a young Koelle would spend hours with the horses in a neighbouring paddock, and in that process began to connect with these beautiful animals in a deeply transformational way. It was during this time, she began to develop a level self awareness, as the horses through their behaviour acted as mirror always reflecting Koelle’s internal state. The language of her emotions.

With clarity of purpose, from that point forward Koelle went to to study with the some of the worlds greatest equine teachers Including Monty Roberts, and best selling author, life coach and o magazine columnist Dr Martha Beck.

Today, Koelle is the founder of the Koelle Institute for Equus Coaching. The Institute has evolved into a remarkable community of highly skilled coaches dedicated to creating transformational leadership experiences through encounters with horses.

Koelle is a woman of global influence, with her work being featured in O Magazine, BBC Business Report, The National Journal, The OWN Network and she is a Tedx speaker. She works with individuals and organisations all of the world decoding the silent language of authority through the lens of her journey as a horse whisperer.

In today’s podcast we covered the following:

  • We learn more about the art of horse whispering.
  • Why active and honest connection is at the heart of trust?
  • The role of emotions as a silent tool in communication – The horses language?
  • Self Awareness and why we disconnect.
  • How we can create emotional intention.
  • What causes stress and anxiety in how we connect
  • Why vulnerability is the strongest component in leadership
  • What we can learn from the matriarch mare?
  • How do we lead a fearful herd?
  • Why Trust is an action in the present moment.
  • What makes us suppress expression?
  • Why our deepest truth is always held in the body.

So as always grab yourself a cup of tea, and get ready to hear the extraordinary story of a young woman with a gift for translating the silent language of the horse. After all a horse does not hear words, or have the same thoughts we have. This animal has an innate ability to deeply feel and experience the world via emotion. In observing the horse we are given a window into our soul, showing us with no filters… exactly what we are showing the world.

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