Jessica Jackley – The story of KIVA: How to change the world through storytelling 

How do you change the entire way people view a problem?

The answer. One story at a time.

Every once in awhile, a handful of times a year, I’m lucky enough to get to talk to someone on my original ‘wish list’ for the podcast. Today is one of those lucky days.

In the latest episode of Inside Influence I speak with Jessica Jackley, Co-Founder of KIVA, the worlds first person-to-person micro-lending platform. Since 2005 KIVA has facilitated over $1 billion dollars in micro-loans across the world.

KIVA essentially enables people like you and me to lend small amounts of money to low-income entrepreneurs. The intention being to help them create or grow a sustainable business that can support them, their families and their community for life.

The average loan contribution is $100. The repayment rate? 98.5%.

However this isn’t a conversation about money. It’s not even about the role of micro-finance or micro-donations to completely reimagine how we approach subjects like poverty and charity.

It’s a conversation about the power of storytelling.

In Jessica’s words: “The stories we tell each other, matter very much. The way that we participate in each other’s stories – matters even more.”

​​In today’s conversation we dive into:

  • The difference between trying to solve any problem from a place of hope rather than a place of hopelessness.
  • The moment that led to her to quit her job, move to Africa in order to interview micro entrepreneurs that had each received $100 to build or grow a business.
  • What she learned about building KIVA into a global $1 billion movement from scratch – with no business experience.
  • The energy and momentum that comes from speaking from present tense. This one is subtle but huge. Think about the powerful difference between: ‘This is what we are doing.’ vs. ‘This is what we are hoping to do.’.
  • Plus, why storytelling has the power to define (and then redefine) how we view and participate in each other’s stories in a way that everyone wins.
  • If you’re trying to shift the needle on any issue – either at work, at home or within the world at large – then trust me this episode is for you.




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