Raj Sisodia explores his journey to Awaken, finding purpose and making a global impact 

What makes you who you are? 

I know that’s a huge, complex question. However, if you think about it – there would have been a few pivotal moments, relationships and possibly conversations that set you on the path you’re on today.

Beyond the path, those moments would have also laid the wiring for how you now react, decide and decode the world around you. Laying the foundations for how you show up in every situation, relationship, and moment of your life.

Today’s conversation is a little different to usual, as it has a very autobiographical feel. 

However, although this episode is all about my guest’s lifelong journey, leading to the completion of his latest book, the lessons learnt along the way are universal. Offering a roadmap for anyone who wants to examine and reimagine their life – at whatever age.

Today’s Guest 

My guest is a friend of the show – Raj Sisodia. Raj is an acclaimed thought leader, speaker and author. Co-founder of the Conscious Capitalism movement, Raj has written a number of the core texts from that field. Including ‘Firms of Endearment’, ‘Conscious Capitalism’, ‘Everybody Matters’ with past guest and incredible human being Bob Chapman and ‘The Healing Organisation’.

His latest book ‘Awaken: The Path to Purpose, Inner Peace and Healing’ is a guide to leading a life of meaning, purpose and fulfillment. Containing practical advice on how to know yourself, love yourself, be yourself and express yourself from a place of choice – rather than a place of habit. 

This is Raj’s second time on the podcast, the first time we dove into his journey starting and leading the Conscious Capitalism movement. This time we go deeper into the moments, events and experiences that led to who he became – and who he chooses to become in this next chapter of his life. 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rajendrasisodia/

Twitter: @RajSisodiaCC 

You’ll Learn

  • Raj’s definition of what it means to ‘awaken’. Including the acronym ‘LIST’ which he now uses as a roadmap for all his decisions. LIST standing for: Love, Innocence, Simplicity and Truth. 
  • His journey of self-discovery – and the strength it takes to dismantle the parts of our lives and personalities that are no longer working. 
  • His realization that he was living his life out of fear – a need for belonging and approval – rather than the pursuit of joy.
  • How to find the courage to step back when things don’t feel right and the curiosity to ask: ‘Could there be a better way?’ 
  • Finally, why our core childhood memories often hold the key to what we most need to re-examine in order to move forward.

A couple of quick notes, this episode contains mention and memories of violence and abuse. As always, I leave it to your instincts to decide what’s healthy for you and any listening ears around you.

I also recorded this episode having just arrived with my family to begin our year in Spain. A moment when our lives (and some necessary cables) were all in boxes. 

So for this episode, rather than waste the moment, I flew naked without a microphone. Apologies if the sound quality isn’t quite up to the usual standards. 

As the Spanish would say ‘Poco y poco’.

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