Marion Farrelly – Breaking through the white noise: How to get people to take action 

If your website or online profile was a big red button, what would it say? Weird question I know. But let’s look at it for a second.

In those moments when we’re most trying to make an impact, it’s easy not to stop and think about what action we actually want people to take. We often get caught in our own bubble, how good does it look, how good does it sound, how likely are people to pay attention – and we totally forget about the one thing that counts.

As a result of paying attention, what ONE action do we want people to take?

On today’s Inside Influence Podcast episode we talk to one of our most popular guests ever, hit TV Director and CEO whisperer Marion Farrelly. More listeners speak to me about my last podcast with Marion on “How to be interesting” than any other of my podcasts. In our second conversation together, we talk about how she has learnt to connect to audiences and to get them to take action. 

To give you an idea about how experienced she is in the arena of human attention EVERY show she has ever created has gone to No 1. – apart from those that went to No. 2 – and that was only because she had another show at No. 1!

Today’s Guest Marion Farrelly

Marion Farrelly created, built and produced some of the most influential reality TV shows on the planet. Shows such as The X Factor, Big Brother, Celebrity Apprentice, Dancing with the Stars and Farmer Wants a Wife. Her content has been watched more than eight billion times worldwide and she’s put more than ten thousand people on stage, who were then watched by hundreds of millions. 

She’s worked with everyone from Hollywood A listers to Astronauts, Politicians to Popstars, Cyber Security Specialists and CEOs. 

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“I get them to tell a different story, a different story to everyone else in their industry because that’s what cuts through.”

“We don’t do business with people we like, we do business with people who are fascinating”

“Every website is one big red button. What should the button say? BUY ME.”

You’ll learn

  • How the rules of cutting through the white noise have completely changed – and where to look for what’s working.
  • Figuring out what your ‘Big Red Button’ needs to say – before you say anything at all.
  • That all marketing for your business needs to be like a Netflix trailer. 
  • The power of knowing and loving your audience. What do they want? What are their problems and how can you solve them? What do you want them to do, feel, or believe?
  • How to use curiosity to get beyond white noise.
  • The difference between interesting and likable.
  • The vital difference between awareness and getting people to take action – and how most people fall into the awareness trap.
  • Why we ‘don’t do business with people we like – we do business with people we think are fascinating’
  • And if we’re now living in an age where ‘Police are solving crimes through podcasts – people on death row are being released from jail because of documentaries and social media can start or stop a revolution.’ – WHERE EXACTLY IS ALL THIS GOING?

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