Michael Port – Stealing the show: How to make the leap from expert to visionary 

Here’s today’s question – are you an expert or a visionary?

Seems like a random question? It’s not.

When I was growing up – a while ago now – influence belonged to those who could amass the most information. I don’t know if many of you can remember the EB – basically a set of books that were said to contain all the information on the planet. 

Everything there was to know about pretty much anything in the universe. All in 32 books and 32,640 pages.

Seems like a big call now. But my parents spent more than they could probably afford at the time buying those books. Why? Because before the internet, it was the best chance they had at giving my brother and I access to the most powerful resource on the planet at the time – information.

Now – how many of us feel like we have a lack of information? Anyone sat there thinking, if only I had access to more information? 

I’m guessing the answer is no.

And that brings me right back where we started, which is the key difference between an expert and a visionary.

And the importance of figuring out which one you want to be.

Today’s Guest 

Michael Port is a NY Times and Wall Street Journal bestselling author, TED speaker and Co-Founder & CEO of Heroic Public Speaking.

Over the last two decades, Michael has written eight books that have made it onto the bestseller lists – including Steal the Show, Book Yourself Solid and the Referable Speaker. 

Not too bad for someone who was told by his fourth grade teacher that he had the worst spelling she’d seen in 25 years of teaching.

Over that time, and together with his wife and co-founder, Amy Port he has also built Heroic Public Speaking Worldwide. Offering the most complete (and effective) speaker training in the world. All centred around teaching speakers what actors have always known – how to craft an authentic performance during presentations, pitches and lifes high stakes moments. 

Clients include CEOs and founders, Admirals, Navy Seals, and FBI agents, Olympians, politicians (but apparently only the nice ones), bestselling authors and leaders of global movements.

Website: Heroic Public Speaking Worldwide
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/heroicpublicspeaking/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/heroicpublicspeaking/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelport

You’ll Learn

  • The difference between ‘Experts-ville’ vs ‘Visionary town’ and why one of those – I’ll let you guess which – is the wrong neighbourhood to be in if you want to consistently attract rather than chase opportunities
  • Why the key to influence – and standing out – is flipping your mindset from technician to translator – basically in Michael’s words ‘Committing yourself to answering the questions that Google can’t answer!’
  • What ‘good enough’ actually looks like – I loved this part. One of the questions I get asked over and over again when I talk to people about ‘mastery’ is what that actually looks like. In this chat we cover the simplest indicator that you’ve hit that level that you will ever hear.
  • Why learning to give before you get isn’t just a nice life philosophy, but one of the most effective business strategies on the planet.
  • Why ‘winging it’ never works when it comes to impactful communication or presentations – and why the best communicators focus first on figuring out their ‘big promise’ and working backwards from there.
  • And finally – and this one was a personal request from me – what an old man, a young man and a donkey have to do with learning to deal with the critics.

I loved this conversation from its depth and breadth on the topic of being seen (and heard) as an influencer in your space. 

However, the part that has stuck with me the most – was Michael’s advice when it comes to dealing with our fear of being criticised. Whether that the criticism come from other people – or the voice in our own minds (which let’s face it is usually louder and more relentless). You’ll hear more about it, but the essence was essentially this:

‘The key to not fearing the critics isn’t to stay safe and within your comfort zone, but to become less of a critic yourself’ Sound way over simple? Try it for a week, not so easy. 

In 20 years of staring at that question from a variety if angles, I’d genuinely never thought of it that way. That the amount we criticise others for their efforts, either loudly or quietly, is automatically the amount we assume we will be criticised ourselves. 

Change the game there, and everything else will change.

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