Lisa Bragg on purposeful self promotion, losing the fear and the power of picking yourself 

How do you feel about the word ‘bragging’? 

Does it make you squirm and immediately want to bolt away from the spotlight – or excited about an opportunity to share your success?

When a colleague, friend or co-worker starts to say things that sound like bragging – does it rub you up the wrong way? Or do you start feeling inspired and curious about how you could get similar results? 

My guest today thinks we all need to become better braggers. 

Which as someone who started life as a good British girl, raised to avoid phrases like ‘Too big for your boots’ and the cardinal sin of life becoming ‘Full of yourself’. Had me beginning this conversation already in a full body sweat.

Today’s Guest 

Lisa Bragg is an author, speaker and advisor helping people self-promote in a more authentic and un-obnoxious way. 

She is the founder of MediaFace, a Toronto-based content and consulting firm and author of: ‘Bragging Rights; How To Talk about Your Work Using Purposeful Self-Promotion’. A book that digs into the art of bragging and reveals that people really DO want to hear about our success. 

That actually, when we share our wins and achievements, not only does it raise the bar on what’s possible for the people around us – it creates a field that immediately starts to attract even greater levels of success and opportunity.

That’s if we know how to do it right.



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You’ll Learn

  • Why (unlike the high school sports team) we need to learn to pick ourselves – rather than sitting on the sidelines waiting to be picked. 
  • How to move from awkward ‘self promotion’ to authentic ‘purposeful promotion’ – and the right questions to ask to unpack exactly what to say.
  • The power of focusing on what makes you ‘remarkable’ i.e. literally worth ‘remarking’ upon. Including the key questions to help you realize exactly how remarkable you are. 
  • The powerful equation of ‘Fear + 10%’. I love this, basically when you face something or someone that makes you want to back down, how to lean in just a little bit further.
  • Finally, why our perceptions of words like ‘bragging’ and self-promotion – even down to the language we use – rob us of way too many brilliant people and ideas at a time when we need them the most.

Here’s what I know. The influence you are capable of having, the level of success you are capable of achieving (whatever your goal) – 100% depends on your willingness to be seen. To literally turn up the volume on your voice, achievements and capabilities, so the people you need to reach actually stand a chance of finding you. 

In a world of noise and distraction, this makes the art of self-promotion both a vital and unavoidable skill.

So, either we shy away from the spotlight – accepting that we may never have the impact or results we’re capable of achieving. 

Or we decide to do it well – with purpose and intention. 

I hope this conversation helps you choose the latter.

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