POWERCUT: Dorie Clark on how to play the long game and win 

Here we are again with number four of our series of mini power cuts, all designed to keep you inspired over the holiday season while our team takes a bit of a break to eat mince pies, drink eggnog, and obviously plot big things for next year.

On that note, actually, if there are any topics or people that you think should be on the show this year, get in touch. Some of the best guest recommendations have come from you, the Inside Influence community. Plus I always want to know what you’re reading, who you’re following and what you are curious about right now. So jump onto all the socials, you know the ones and let us know.

Today’s Guest 

In today’s flashback episode, we bring you Dorie Clark, who I have to say has the dubious honor of being the only guest I have ever invited back onto the podcast three times, a fact that should give you an idea of just how much I value her wisdom. Plus, she’s just an all around kind of   awesome human being. Dorie is one of the top 50 business thinkers in the world. Author of “Standout, Reinventing You.” And her latest bestseller, “The Long Game: How To Be A Long-term Thinker In A Short Term World.” Could there have been a better year for this book to be published? It is also, believe me, a must. Buy it and devour it if you are looking to reinvent any part of your life. 

In this part of our conversation, she dives right into the question, what do I need to start working on today in order to have the influence or life that I want 10 years from now? Including the moment that she realized that she needed to start playing a longer game if she was ever going to create a life by her own design, by her own making, and of her own rules. She also talks about the importance of creating white space in our schedules to rethink the road that we’re on and why we all need to learn the art of saying no. I say this for myself as much for anybody else so that we can start saying a big fat yes, to all the things that count. If you’re taking some time out right now to rethink the year ahead, then you’re going to need a pen and paper for this one. With that said, sit back, grab a coffee and listen to the voice of your long term future or calling, the amazing Dorie Clark.

Website: https://dorieclark.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dorieclarkauthor/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dorieclark
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dorieclark/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/doriec/

You’ll Learn

  • Why long term thinking is more important than ever in a short term world
  • What keeps us in short term reaction loops – a clue on this one, it usually involves sacrificing our long term goals at the altar of ‘I’m too busy to take a breath’ and ‘I’ll think about that when I have more time’
  • The vital importance of creating white space to consciously recalibrate and rethink the road we’re on – and why we all need to learn the art of saying no – in order to start saying yes to the bigger picture

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