Michael McQueen on why we are MindStuck and mastering the art of changing minds 

Would you consider yourself to be stubborn? Do you bristle at the thought of change and dig your heels in even when presented with undeniable logic? 

For most of us our instinct is to probably answer ‘no’ to that question.

It’s everyone else that’s stubborn right? 

It’s the people on the internet who are blatantly wrong in their points of view. The family member who won’t shift position, regardless of how much evidence you present them with. The colleague that just can’t let go of how it ‘used to be’ and embrace the only logical path forward.

Or maybe… in order to survive in an age of more information, disruption, ideas, opinions, facts, news, and fake news than we have ever had to process – we’ve ALL become more entrenched and stubborn in our thinking. Simply as a way to survive.

My guest today believes that not only are we more MindStuck than ever before – but the process of how we go about changing minds – including our own – has to change. 

Today’s Guest 

Michael McQueen is a multi-award winning speaker, trend forecaster and best-selling author of nine books. Having helped some of the world’s most successful brands like Pepsi, Mastercard, BP and Cisco navigate disruption and lead in times of extreme change.

He has also just released his latest book ‘Mindstuck: Mastering the art of changing minds’ which completely flips on its head so much of what we assume to be true about exactly how we influence, in a world where silos and stubbornness are now the norm. 

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/michaelmcqueen1/

You’ll Learn

  • Why we are all more stubborn and MindStuck than ever before – and how accepting that fact opens up a whole new toolkit of influence.
  • The concept of the ‘inquiring mind’ vs the ‘instinctive mind’ – and why we currently spend more than 40% of our time trying to influence the wrong one. 
  • Why logic isn’t enough and, in order to influence at the highest level, we need to take a whole different approach to persuasion.
  • The paradox of choice (this one blew my mind) and why giving people the opportunity to opt-out, rather than convincing them to opt-in – almost guarantees they will say yes. 
  • Finally, five counter-intuitive strategies to move people from MindStuck to open to new ideas. Including why real trust and persuasion always begins with first having the courage to be wrong. 

As you will hear, I’ve known Michael for many years. He is one of the finest, most curious and insightful humans I have the pleasure of calling a friend.

As an author, speaker and global expert on future trends I’ve also seen him professionally and personally wrangle with the question: “Now they have all the information, why is nothing changing…” 

Sound familiar?

This book, his research, these tools – are the answer to that question.

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