Todd Herman on the Alter Ego Effect, defeating the enemy and unlocking your heroic self 

Do you have an Alter Ego? A side of yourself, with a whole different set of traits and strengths, that you can quickly access to give yourself the edge?

Usually when we hear the term ‘Alter Ego’ we think of Peter Parker and Spider Man, Diana Prince and Wonder Woman, Clarke Kent and Superman. The list goes on. 

However, what if I told you that some of the greatest performers and influential figures on the planet also had one. 

A side of themselves that they deliberately built and cultivated. A persona that allowed them to access hidden superpowers. Powers like strength, resilience, charisma, deadly focus or larger than life presence – that may otherwise have remained undiscovered.

Today’s Guest 

My guest today has helped millions of people access their Alter Egos in order to move from their trapped self, to their heroic self.

Todd Herman is a coach and mentor to some of the world’s most elite athletes, public figures and leaders. An expert on the topics of performance, mindset, strategy and execution – his work goes well beyond the theory. After over 22 years and 15,000 hours on the field of play, Todd has helped his clients achieve some of the greatest feats on the planet.

I first discovered Todd through his best selling book, ‘The Alter Ego Effect: Defeat the Enemy, Unlock Your Heroic Self and Start Kicking Ass’. This idea that we all have secret identities, dormant versions of ourselves that we keep buried (due to conditioning, past experiences or societal norms) really rang true with my experiences working with high level speakers and thought leaders.

Then I read his book and, to put it simply, it completely unraveled and rebuilt how I thought about myself and how I show up in the world.

LinkedIn: @toddherman1

Twitter: @todd_herman 

Instagram: @todd_herman

Facebook – @toddhermanconnect 

TikTok – @todd_herman

You’ll Learn

  • How to find your alter ego – not to change who you are – but to enable you to perform at levels you may previously have thought impossible. 
  • How learning to trust yourself is more important than being confident. I have to say, this one could not be more true in my own world.
  • How to move from your ‘trapped’ self to activating your ‘heroic’ self. And the power of ‘totems’ to help you tap back into your power.
  • The Importance of naming your enemy – not the enemy out there because, as you’ll hear, in many senses their name is irrelevant. Instead the voice inside your head that’s keeping you on the sidelines.
  • Finally, why answering the question ‘Who do you think you are?’ holds the key to unlocking more strength, wisdom and fire than you ever knew you possessed.

A quick warning for anyone that may be sensitive or with small ears listening, this episode contains a fair amount of swearing. I’ll leave it up to you to decide if now is the right time.

For me, this episode I think is hands down my favorite of the year so far. Todd’s work arrived in my life during a period that I couldn’t have needed it more. More than that, it lifted off the limits not only on who I was capable of becoming – but how quickly.

For me that’s the ultimate freedom. The freedom to know you can show up EXACTLY as you choose, whenever you choose.

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