The Next Right Thing: Justin Dry on the path from High Touch to High Tech 

Hi – this is Julie Masters and you’re listening to The Next Right Thing – a mini-series from The Inside Influence Team. Designed to provide some actionable certainty in uncertain times. Specifically – and the situation we’re all facing right now – the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent lock down.

The idea behind this series is to go out to some of the most popular guests from past episodes of Inside Influence – and ask them one question: ‘What are the most important things you’re focusing on right now (tools, ideas, strategies) – or advising your clients to focus on – that you know for sure work in uncertain times?’

The intention being that somewhere in there, from these incredible minds, you might be able to find inspiration for your next right thing – a point of certainty amidst the uncertainty.

In this episode I speak with… Justin Dry – Co-Founder + CEO of Vino Mofo, an online wine retailer and community that began in a garage – and then a campervan – and then became one of the fastest growing online wine retailers on the planet. With an annual turnover of more than $50 million – and collaborations with power houses that include wine rockstar Gary Vaynerchuck.

Justin and his team has done what many would say was impossible – and the challenge that so many are facing right now. Which is take a category that previously relied on high touch – face to face interaction – and pivot it into a high tech, high engagement online community. That – rather than diminishing the experience – takes it to such another level that their best form of marketing is the customers themselves.

In this conversation we talk about… the pivot from high touch to high tech – the impact of lock down on our digital attention (including what he sees working right now) – and why relentlessly obsessing about your story is still the number tool of engagement.

If you want to dig even further into Justin’s experiences in creating, building and globally scaling Vino Mofo… you can hunt down our previous conversation – which I believe is episode No.62.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – audio not perfect.

So… other than staying well and looking after each other – I hope somewhere in here you find the fuel you need for your next right thing.

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