Flip Flippen – Finding Your Third Story: Calling BS on the first two stories keeping you small 

Greetings everyone, my name is Julie Masters and welcome to another episode of Inside Influence. In which I delve into the minds of some of the world’s most fascinating influencers – or experts in influence – to get to the bottom of what it really takes to own your voice – and then amplify it to drive an industry, a conversation, a movement or a Nation.
Now, if I asked the question: what is the one big topic, or theme or take away or, let’s face it, obsession of Inside Influence, then the answer would be this: storytelling.
Sometimes that feels light…
Storytelling is in our DNA; from the dawn of humanity to today and beyond, storytelling is who we are – it’s how we connect, and how we engage – it captures our attention and compels our actions more than any other ONE thing on the planet.
So that might help explain why, storytelling (that is, telling our individual and collective stories to other people) has quite rightly had its fair share of airtime on this podcast. But one thing I don’t feel like we’ve spoken about often enough – and that I intend to rectify now – is the impact of the stories we tell ourselves. No these stories are usually about ourselves and our abilities – or lack of for the majority of us. And how these stories impact how we show up – WHETHER we show up – and our ability to stand out ground when the road gets tough.
Things like… I’m not a good leader… I know in my gut that this needs to be said or done – but I’m not the person to do it… Or the biggest one that I see – I’m too old, introverted, different, small, large – who do I think I am to stand out, make waves or be seen.
These stories – as I said usually about ourselves and our abilities – my guest today refers to as our ‘second stories’.
Which if you’re anything like me makes you wonder – if this is my second story – how bad must my first story have been? Which we will get into – including how to rewrite any story that’s keeping you stuck to create a Third story. Which is the one that will ultimately shape the person you want to become. In short, your third story cuts the BS, and enables you to live the life you’ve always wanted to.
But first, let me tell you about the man behind this way of thinking and todays guest.
Flip Flippen is a New York Times’ best seller, he’s a serial social entrepreneur, philanthropist, respected speaker, thought leader and, perhaps most surprising and impressive of all – father to 20 children. Can we just sit and comprehend that for a second. Just trying to get shoes on two children in the morning is challenging enough, my brain literally melts trying to imagine 20.
Flip started-out working with kids who had become involved in gangs, setting up a very successful non profit organisation – before (and after one fateful day which we will talk about) going on to found numerous companies – including one of the largest educator training companies in North America.
Last year, along with Dr Chris White he released the book: ‘Your Third Story: Author the Life You Were Meant To Live’.
Which brings us back to today – talking about our first, second and ultimately third story. I won’t ruin it by going too deep into the definitions – but in short your first story is the one you were given, the second is the one you tell yourself to justify the first – and the third is when you throw away the whole God damn book. And this time write your own.
I LOVED this conversation. It’s impacted me in untold ways since as a leader, parent and just human being in this world. If you’ve ever had that sneaking feeling that there are maybe other words you want to say, or challenges you would dare to attempt – if you could just step back from the script for awhile. Then this is the episode for you.
Today we dive deep into…
• How to write your Third story; the prerequisites you need to consider and the questions you should be asking yourself… 

• The drivers for change; be that either an emotionally compelling reason from within you, or an external force that backs you into a corner… enter stage left COVID-19 

• How you can become mindful of the stories you programme into your children
• Forgiveness. The benefit to you to forgive, and the impact it can have on everyone around you when you dare to take the leap. And make no mistake about it – forgiveness is one of the most daring acts of bravery we can commit ourselves to

• And finally – how to see off the story dragons who want to eat your third story for breakfast…
Now, speaking of dragons, I had a few tech dragons attacking my mic for this recording, so I apologies for the lower quality than usual, but luckily Flip sounds fantastic.
So sit back, get settled and prepare to look inward, guided by the story master himself Flip Flippen.

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