George Dawes Green on The Moth and the art and power of sharing our stories 

What makes a powerful storyteller?

Those able to tell a story that – whether it’s from a porch, a stage, a bar or an auditorium – can literally change the fabric of the air around you. 

Those able to, from their first breath, plunge us into a world completely different from our own. Yet still offer a roadmap we can use to solve our own challenges.

Those able to literally change the way we view the world.

My guest today is not only one such globally regarded storyteller. His vision and commitment has also amplified over 50,000+ human stories across the planet.

Today’s Guest 

George Dawes Green is an award winning author and Founder of The Moth. 

His first novel, The Caveman’s Valentine, won the Edgar Award and became a motion picture starring Samuel L. Jackson. His second – The Juror was an international bestseller in more than twenty languages and became the basis for the movie starring Demi Moore and Alec Baldwin. His most recent The Kingdoms of Savanna is currently being made into a major television series.

However, for me, George’s impact reaches much further.

Back to 1997, when he first founded The Moth from his lounge room in New York.

The Moth, as he would describe it, is “a raconteur club” that he created to recreate the feeling of sultry summer evenings in his native Georgia. When moths were attracted to the light on the porch where he and his family would gather to spin spellbinding tales. The first New York Moth event was held in George’s living room and the story events quickly spread to larger venues throughout the city. It has since brought more than 50,000+ live stories to audiences across six continents.

The Moth podcast, containing some of these stories, also won a Webby People’s Voice Award Winner for Best Podcast Series, and is downloaded more than 100 million times a year. If you haven’t already discovered it please just trust me on this one.

Instagram: @georgedawesgreen

You’ll Learn

  • How The Moth began from his own hunger to replicate the intimacy and power of the storytelling of his childhood.
  • What he’s discovered about our collective hunger to share stories – including the ability of one human story to change the entire fabric of a room.
  • What three bestsellers and 50,000+ live stories has taught him about how to start and end a TRULY compelling story.
  • Why we are all ‘clowns and fools on the bus’ and it’s that, rather than our triumphs, that make us powerful storytellers.
  • How to deal with feedback – especially in a digital age where it comes at you from all angles – and why he’s still the hardest author to Google on the planet.
  • Finally, why the audience is always willing you to succeed – and how tapping into THAT knowledge gives you permission to speak from a place of both truth and clarity.

George has been a hero of mine since the very beginning of my career as a fresh faced rookie in the speaking industry.

Over the years The Moth podcasts have given me respite, peace and a sense of connection – the type that only comes from going seven levels deep into the experience of another human being.

The biggest light bulb I took from this conversation was probably a comment George made about how EVERY powerful story has one thing at its heart – a decision. 

A decision to transform. A decision to change. A decision to let go. A decision to hold on.

Find the decision – and watch your impact go to the next level.

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