Bobette Buster – How to tell your story so the world listens 

Why are stories so important?

I talk a lot about storytelling on this podcast, but let’s for a second explore the word itself.

I like to think about stories as gifts. In telling our stories we take a moment from our own experience, we wrap it up the best way we know how, and then we hand it to someone else with a handwritten card that says: 

“Let’s unwrap this slowly together. I want you to feel my intention, I want you to understand why I’m giving this to you, I want you to experience something important to me, something I hope might become important to you.Please don’t throw it away or unwrap it so fast that you miss the layers. Don’t open it when you’re preoccupied or half paying attention. This is a part of me you now hold in your hands. Treat it with care.”

That is the preciousness of our stories. It’s also why when we learn how to tell them (how to wrap them) as powerfully as possible, they become one of our greatest assets. 

Which will explain why, when I came across a book entitled: ‘How to tell your story so the world listens’, I immediately fell in love with its author.

Today’s Guest 

Bobette Buster is an acclaimed lecturer, award-winning producer and author, whose workshops are sought after by top media companies and corporations alike, from Disney/Pixar, Sony, the BBC, Google and SoulCycle. 

Her ground-breaking philosophy and process give people the ability to uncover and tell their own stories. Her unique ability to crack into the heart of story, has been transforming the way individuals, entrepreneurs and companies tell their own stories for well over two decades. 

Named as “Hollywood’s Best Kept Secret” by 21st Century Fox Studios. She is also the author of ‘How to tell your story so the world listens’.

Instagram & Facebook: bobette.buster

Twitter: bobettebuster

You’ll Learn

  • Why stories are so fundamental to the fabric of our lives. How they act as a map for the wilderness and a prescription for courage.
  • Why Pixar, Disney and other major studios spend $1 billion a year on the quest for unique stories – and exactly what they are looking for.
  • Why Bobette start’s every coaching conversation with the question: “Tell me a story about yourself that others will never know” and then waits for the third answer.
  • The difference between Storyreceiving and Storytelling and why “Being heard is so close to being loved it is almost indistinguishable”.
  • How to hold space for the stories of the people in our lives and communities – a rare art which asks us to be both ‘fiercely gentle’ and ‘gently fierce’.
  • Finally, the ripple effect of the ordinary. Why the most powerful stories we own are often overlooked and how trust in the power of your own experience. 

For me, as usual, this conversation didn’t go where I expected. I had prepared for an interview around the ‘words’ of storytelling. The structure of how to tell a story so people will be compelled to listen.

Instead, this conversation reminded me about the sacredness, rather than just the strategy, of storytelling as a tool for connection.

The power of stories to heal and to share truths that often cannot survive any other form. It made me reconsider how I receive and hold space for the stories of the people in my own community. How I treat the gift of their stories, and whether I rush through, or stop and slowly unwrap with care.

I heard a quote recently that said “Justice is how we love in public”. Perhaps storyreceiving is what happens before we open the front door. 

Either way, I intend to get better at it.

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