Dr Kristy Goodwin on taming the tech, setting boundaries and thriving in a digital world  

Which of these has more influence over your day.

Your priorities, focus and close relationships – or the demands and temptations of your digital device?

Maybe it’s a hard question to answer, maybe it’s easy.

Maybe you like the answer, maybe you don’t.

Either way, if influence requires focus, then how we handle the ongoing ‘creep’ of the digital world into our lives becomes one of the most important decisions we can make.

My guest today on Inside influence is on a mission to help professionals, parents and their families tame their tech habits and stop being a slave to the screen.

Today’s Guest

Dr Kristy Goodwin provides research-based, yet realistic, strategies to using technology in productive and purposeful ways – without reverting to phone bans or digital detoxes. Hands up guilty on that one.

She is a global speaker and media commentator – as well as author of my new handbook: ‘Dear Digital we need to talk- A guilt free guide to taming your tech habits and thriving in a digital world’.

This is Kristy’s second time on the podcast. Our first conversation was so powerful and practical that, rather than edit it to the usual length, we turned it into a two part series. Such is her ability to combine practicality, eye opening data and ‘guilt free’ wisdom on a topic we all need to master.

LinkedIn : Dr-KristyGoodwin

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/drkristy/

You’ll Learn

  • Why one of the most intimate relationships we have today is with a screen – and how to turn that relationship from ‘toxic’ into a powerful tool for focus.
  • Her own experience as a mother of three, hiding in the bathroom and wondering why she’s the only one who can’t handle being ‘permanently digitally on’. Plus how that led her on a journey to understanding digital burnout and writing the book.
  • Why digital detoxes don’t work – this one, as you’ll hear, broke my heart – and what to focus on instead.
  • How to “Build a fortress around your focus” whether that’s focusing on work or the relationships that are so critical to our wellbeing.
  • Finally, the non-negotiable boundaries she uses in her own life to ‘tame the tech’. Including how she deals with the inevitable ‘push back’ from ‘pulling back’.

The largest gift I received from this conversation was more awareness. I know that doesn’t sound like much at first.

The truth is that the technology we have now – and whatever it is we’re hurtling towards – comes with no handbook, not even from the creators themselves.

We know it’s addictive, we know it’s detrimental to our wellbeing. That left unchecked can remove our ability and desire to be present with the people we love. Replacing it with isolation, comparison anxiety and a constant state of adrenaline fatigue.

Yet, we also know we have never had more access to more connection, information, inspiration, power, convenience and unrestricted global community. 

All from a small plastic device we keep in our pocket.

So how do we hold both those realities? Without making this new world and its pioneers the enemy? Without giving technology more power than it needs to have?

The only place I know to start is awareness. To notice when my boundaries start bending, when a sense of connection becomes the sting of comparison. When inspiration suddenly feels more like isolation. When the people I love start blurring into the background, behind people I neither know nor will ever meet.

Then – and this is always the hard part of taking back your power – take a deep breath, skip the shame, reset the boundaries and choose again.

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