Erik Qualman on standing out, The Focus Project and the (not so) simple art of doing less 

What’s holding you back from focus right now?

Most of us started this year with (hopefully) some clarity on what we want to set in motion. Goals we want to kick, freedom we want to create, impact and influence we want to build.

Yet what if I told you that the key to achieving any of those intentions was a commitment to doing less rather than more?

My guest today is the King of getting maximum impact, with minimum distraction.

Today’s Guest 

Erik Qualman is a 5 time #1 Bestselling Author and speaker, having performed in over 55 countries and reached over 50 million people. His books ‘Socialnomic: How social media transforms the way we live and do business’, ‘Digital Leader – Five simple keys to success and influence’ and his latest ‘The Focus Project – The not so simple art of doing less’ have been on the CEO lists of must-reads for over a decade. 

Erik’s work first caught my attention a few years ago. When a video he created seemed like it was being played on loop by every influencer, industry expert and CEO I knew. Literally every conference I attended or spoke at – Erik’s video was played from the stage.

That video was ‘Socialnomics’, a video trailer for what would become his bestselling book of the same name. 

It was a two minute visual feast detailing everything you need to know, and couldn’t have imagined, about the rise of social media. If you haven’t seen it, or want to see a book trailer that literally created a global best seller, check it out here.

So, needless to say, I’ve wanted to dive into Erik’s brain for awhile.

Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok: @equalman 

You’ll Learn

  • How Erik created ‘Socialnomics’ and the keys to using content for massive cut through.
  • The story behind Erik’s legendary lime green glasses and why stepping through your story, rather than avoiding it, is the most powerful thing you can do to stand out.
  • Why Erik wrote ‘The Focus Project’ as the ‘anti-venom’ to his first book. A journey that began when he noticed his own inability to focus into a world of digital distraction.
  • What’s on Erik’s ‘Not To Do’ list right now – and how you can learn way more from learning what someone is committed not to doing, than what they’re hoping to attempt.
  • Finally, the advice he gives his own children about how to manage their focus and make a mark, in a world of never ending distraction.

The biggest piece of gold I got out of this conversation was a question I have since shared with many people in my inner circle who are trying to focus:

“What’s the ONE thing that if I do it well will make everything else easier or not necessary?”

Answer that question, then focus like your life depends on it.

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