Christine McKay – Why not ask? How to negotiate and get more without the battle 

How do you feel about the word negotiation?

When most people hear the term negotiation, they usually think of tense conversations, fighting for what you deserve and a battlefield mindset. 

Yet what if that whole concept – that of thinking about negotiation as a form of combat – meant you never actually get what you want? 

What if treating it as a zero sum game, with one winner and one loser, prevented the most valuable outcomes from ever even being discussed?

My guest today believes negotiation is the opposite of combat. 

Today’s Guest 

Christine McKay is the Founder and CEO of Venn Negotiation, a company through which she turns clients into world-class negotiators. 

As a powerhouse negotiator Christine has worked with roughly half of the Fortune 500 companies on the planet, negotiated billions of dollars worth of deals – more often than not from what was presumed to be the weaker side of the table.

She is also the author of ‘Why Not Ask?: A Conversation About Getting More.’ A step by step guide to no longer giving up on what you really want, simply because you don’t know how to ask for it.

However, incredibly, that resume isn’t the most amazing thing about Christine.

For that you need to rewind a couple of decades. To when Christine was a homeless single mother living in a trailer and surviving on welfare.

How she went from that situation, to eventually earning an MBA at Harvard University, then onto one of the most globally sought negotiators in the world – is a story that will blow your mind.




You’ll Learn

  • Her journey from a homeless single mother to globally sought-after negotiator
  • The key mistakes people make in the negotiation process and how to avoid them
  • Why you can’t negotiate by talking about the past – only about the present.
  • The unbelievable power of creating your own advisory board.
  • Why ‘no’ is always the most powerful word in any negotiation.
  • Finally, why you need to know your values, before you start negotiating your value.

This conversation forever changed how I approach asking for what I want.

What if every negotiation from now not only resulted in what you want, but also left the relationship in a stronger place than when you began?

That’s got to be the opposite of a battlefield mindset.

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