Zoe Chance on why influence is your superpower and what’s holding you back 

What holds you back from having the influence you want?

Quickly listen to the first thing that comes into your mind. 

It might have been a sense that somehow you’re not charismatic enough, or not aggressive enough – or maybe the opposite. You talk too much and forget to listen or emotionally engage.

So if we have a clear idea on the blocks that are holding back from the influence we know we’re capable of having. What stops us?

According to my guest today, tapping into your true influence superpower is like learning a new language. We all say we want it, but few of us are prepared to go through the discomfort and awkwardness of becoming fluent.

Today’s Guest 

My guest today is Yale Professor and super human, Zoe Chance. Zoe is a writer, teacher, researcher and climate philanthropist. Her latest bestselling book is called ‘Influence Is Your Superpower.’ She has a doctorate from Harvard and teaches the most popular course (in that it  completely sells out every year) at Yale School of Management. 

Her research is published in top academic journals and covered in global media outlets. She speaks on television and around the world, and her framework for behavior change is the foundation for Google’s global food policy. 

Twitter: @zoebchance

Facebook & Linkedin: @zoechance

You’ll Learn

  • Why the universe is not designed for our pleasure, and what that has to do with how we influence ourselves and (as we both discovered) the wiring of our children. 
  • The difference between our ‘alligator’ mind and our ‘judge’ mind – and you guessed it, why it’s always wise to win over the alligator first.
  • Why you should focus on changing someone’s ‘behavior’ and not their ‘mind’. This one was so counterintuitive to me, a definite game changer in how I approach situations where I need to persuade.
  • The main misconceptions about what it takes to be a person of influence – you all know this one is my favorite soapbox! Including why everyone wants more charisma, but no one can ever really tell you what it means.
  • Finally, how Zoe is dealing with her own influence blocks right now. Believe me, the further you go on your influence journey – the more upper limits you will encounter and the better the tools you learn to employ.

My biggest take away from this conversation was what Zoe calls ‘The Magic Question’ of influence. Honestly, it’s so simple it’s easy to miss its brilliance.

“What would it take?”

That’s it. So simple. So short. So respectful. So utterly irresistible as an invitation to collaborate to get what you want.

If you’re a parent listening to this episode with your children, I apologize in advance, you’re about to hear that question on loop for the rest of your life. 

That said, if our intention as parents and leaders is to empower those in our care to use their voice in the world – then I’m not sorry at all.

On that note, stride on, drive safe, sink in and enjoy the power of the incredible Zoe Chance.

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