Brendan Kane – Finding your Hook Point: How to stand out in a 3 second world 

Here’s a quote to kick off today’s episode:

“The traditional approaches are now obsolete. One hundred years of marketing thoughts are gone. Alternative approaches aren’t a novelty. They’re all we’ve got left.” Seth Godin

So how do you win at a game where there are no rules? Or even worse, a game where you can throw every cent, every hour, that you have at trying to figure out the rules – only to have them change with an algorithm overnight?

There are now more than 60 billion messages shared daily on mobile platforms alone. 

That’s the tidal wave of noise that you, your content, your ideas, your business are up against – EVERY SINGLE DAY.

And yet. Every day there are organisations, individuals and ideas that consistently stand out. So there has to be an answer right?

When I first came across my guest today, it was through his book ‘One Million Followers: How I built a massive social following in 30 days’. 

In it he talks about how his career creating online traction and followership for A list organisation’s including Disney, Xbox, Linked In and celebrities such as Taylor Swift – led him to ask a very simple question. 

What if I took everything I’ve learned about cutting through the noise, everything that I know works – and applied it to starting from scratch, with the goal of reaching a million legitimate followers in 30 days. And what if I tried that experiment using myself as a case study. Can it be done?

The answer to that question was a resounding yes. To his own amazement —in less than a month—he’d generated more than one million followers in more than a hundred countries. 

I’ll be totally honest here. I’ve always been a firm believer that you don’t need social media to build influence, my own social media accounts definitely attest to that.

That said, the focus of this conversation is that there are fundamental plays and rules that you need to understand in order to stand out on ANY platform – whether it’s social, the stage, publishing or even getting the attention of your colleagues.

This isn’t just about social media, this is about human attention. How it works, what activates it and most importantly how it can be harnessed to create action.

Today’s conversation was a complete blueprint to doing exactly that.

Today’s Guest 

Brendan Kane is a digital strategist for Fortune 500 corporations, brands and celebrities. His greatest strength is decoding traction. He is a master at transforming complexity into simplicity, when it comes to what gets cut through in the digital world.

He is the former vice president of digital for Paramount Pictures, and his current client list includes Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Charles Barkley, Adriana Lima, and brands such as Disney, Fox, NBC, Netflix, Xbox and LinkedIn.

He is also the bestselling author of two epic books. The first ‘One Million Followers’ as I’ve mentioned, and the second most recent: ‘HookPoint – how to stand out in a three second world’.

Facebook: @brendanjameskane
Instagram: @brendankane

You’ll Learn

  • The three second rule – plus exactly what those three seconds need to contain.
  • The power of ‘subverting expectations’ – basically taking what your target market expects to see or hear – and doing the opposite.
  • The keys to getting consistent with content
  • How to convert the attention you get into bottom line action
  • Plus why in the latest edition of ‘One Million Followers’ he added a new chapter at the beginning called ‘DEAR HATERS, THIS IS FOR YOU’.

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