Victoria Labalme – Risking Forward: Embracing uncertainty and unlocking your hidden genius 

How much do you trust your inner current? That inner nudge that comes from the ideas, people and directions that ignite you. The voice that says this needs to be explored.

Next question – what about your ideas? How much do you trust your ideas? I’m not talking about the great earth shatteringly brilliant ideas, the ones that arrive like an avalanche and everyone applauds. 

I’m talking about the quiet one, the one that isn’t quite right yet. The one that feels like a collapsed cobweb when you try to pull it out of your brain to explain it to someone else. In the words of my guest today – ‘the idea that leads to the idea’.

If you answer yes to both those questions, you live a life of risking forward.

Today’s Guest 

Victoria LaBalme is a Hall of Fame Speaker, Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author and Performance Strategist for Top Leaders & Brands. 

As the trusted consultant to top leaders and brands, she shows individuals at all levels how to uncover their hidden genius and express themselves in memorable ways, aligning with a larger mission and winning over the people they serve. 

She is also the author of the Wall Street Journal Bestselling book, ‘RISK FORWARD,’ and the founder of the ROCK THE ROOM® program that helps people knock their communications out of the park, both on camera and in person.


LinkedIn @victorialabalme
Instagram @victorialabalme

Facebook @victorialabalme

You’ll Learn

  • Why the most influential moments of our lives rarely come with a fanfare
  • Why shifting your focus from ‘recognition’ to ‘contribution’ is one of the most powerful decisions you can make when it comes to momentum.
  • The concept of the ‘through line’ 
  • Why hyperactivity is a form of self-hypnosis 
  • How to start trusting your ideas 

What I love about Victoria, and the idea of risking forward, is that it’s not about taking massive action. In fact, it often begins as the opposite. Putting down the pen long enough to sink into moments of not knowing. To let the last chapter fade, so you have the chance of writing something new. Trusting your inner current, even when you have no idea where it’s taking you.

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