Unskippable – Storytelling in a Digital Age 

Do you think advertising is only focused on brand awareness? You’re not alone.

However Creative Director of Google’s Unskippable Labs, Ben Jones, believes the key to influencing consumers these days lies in storytelling ? thanks to our intense relationships with digital platforms.

Ben has spent decades creating advertising campaigns and, on a hunch, performed a brief experiment that uncovered something astonishing. The industry didn’t really understand viewing habits anymore. In fact, despite our demand for content, it’s surprisingly one of the most challenging times for advertisers.

I caught up with Ben to talk about his discovery that consumer habits have changed, and we are hungrier than ever for stories. In one hour he shared with me how the rise of mobile has given us the space to explore passions beyond what we could have dreamed, how Netflix has become the master of catering to our attention spans and recognising choice points is vital in the creation of compelling content.

Listen to this Inside Influence Podcast Episode

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