The Amazon to Hollywood – Storytelling with soul with Yossi Ghinsberg 

One trek through the rainforest, one life changing decision and one three week incredible fight for survival. It all sounds like the plot of a Hollywood movie right? Actually now it is, but before this story became a big screen blockbuster, one man lived through it and that man is my next guest, Yossi Ghinsberg. Stories connect us emotionally. They turn us into the heroes of our own journeys. And if you’re looking to increase your own influence we are literally hardwired to engage with stories more so than any other form of communication. So what does it take to tell epic stories and not only that, what does it take to tell them in such a way that your audience is literally transported through time and space?

In this episode I find out from Yossi what gives a story soul. We talk about how to prepare to be truly present on stage and we look at what it takes to let your own story go, and allow others to interpret it in their own way.


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