How to start a global movement – Lessons from Thank You 

The Australian bottled water industry is worth a whopping 600 million dollars a year. Now that’s a lot when you think about the fact that we can access water for free every day from the taps in our homes.

Here’s another fact that’s possibly more heartbreaking than it is interesting. The number of people who don’t have access to clean water is close to three times that, it’s 900 million people. Now if you’re anything like me you hear that number and you just want to throw your hands up in the air, too hard, way too big.

However at the age of 19 my next guest came across those same two numbers and he made a different choice. He created a thriving company, a company which to date has donated nearly six million dollars in profits to get safe water sanitation food and maternal health programs to people in need.

So what does it really take to turn a moment of passion you know the moment of that’s just not good enough into a global movement. Not only a movement but a profitable company with the infrastructure and strength to actually tackle some of the world’s largest social issues.

Welcome to my interview with Thank You’s founder Daniel Flynn.

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