POWERCUT: Laura Gassner Otting on ignoring everybody and carving your own path 

We have reached the final episode of our special series of Power Cuts. I hope these small supercharged doses of content have kept you connected and inspired over this Christmas and New Year period, while myself and the inside influence team have been stocking up on turkey, binging on Netflix, and generally refueling our creative tanks. Over the past five weeks, we have cherry picked some of the best insights and tools from our favorite guests over the past year, all with one intention: to give you some fuel for whatever it is you are thinking right now for the year ahead.

And for that reason, for our final Power Cut, I chose the insights of Laura Gassner Otting. 

Today’s Guest

Laura is an entrepreneur who started her career as a campaign staffer for the Clinton administration, before diving into the world of executive search, rising to the position of senior vice president of startup execsearches.com. Now, it was through her work in executive search that Laura started to notice something. She started to notice that leaders who successfully pivoted either their careers or their lives all had four decisions in common: a sense of calling, connection, contribution and control. These realizations went on to become the basis of her 2019 Washington Post bestseller, ‘Limitless: How to Ignore Everybody, Carve Your Own Path, and Live Your Best Life.’ Now just for a moment, how’s that for a mantra for 2022? I’m taking that one with me everywhere that I go.

Now in this flashback to our conversation, Laura dives into why following your passion is a terrible idea. You have to bear with me on that one, including her theory of consonance, which is the key to unlocking potential and gauging whether we’re on the right track. Now, if you don’t know what consonance means, don’t worry. Neither did I. I’ll let Laura explain it in more detail, but in a nutshell, it’s that feeling of flow, that sense of flow that comes with when the work that you are doing aligns with who you actually are at your core, when what you are putting out in the world matches who you are in the world.

Now, after a year of paying close attention to boundaries and borders and social distancing, the distance between us and another human being, our ability to be able to cross over geographically with family, paying so much attention to the boundaries in our lives, this idea of being limitless feels like a massively important idea to explore right now. So, I hope it helps you tap into a sense of expansion in your life, and for however long you’re able to, sitting with the question, “What would I do? What would I create? Who would I be if I were truly limitless?” On that note, I will leave you in the very safe hands of Laura Gassner Otting.

Website: https://lauragassnerotting.com

Facebook: @heyLGO

Twitter:  @heyLGO

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heylgo/

You’ll Learn

  • Why you shouldn’t simply follow your passion, you have to invest in it. You need to work hard and be at the bleeding edge of your incompetence.
  • We do our best work when we are in “consonance”: when our work and passion matches and the end results are self-rewarding.
  • The four pillars of consonance: calling, connection, contribution, and control. Calling is different to purpose and service. Connection involves people and their calling. Contribution is ensuring your work is contributing to your life and is not just giving you money. Control is being open to opportunities outside of our control while controlling what is within your control. .

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