Swagger: How to unleash everything you are and get everything you want 

Where do you need more swagger in your life?

I’m not talking about the fake version of swagger – arrogance, aggression or a false sense of bravado. I’m talking about REAL swagger.

The type that you can’t fake.

You’ve seen them. The people who walk into a room and you can’t help but notice. The ones that seem to emit something, exude something that makes them stand apart.

They laugh easily. Speak up easily. Listen carefully – and generally seem comfortable, capable and confident in their own skin. The result? They’re magnetic.

Literally. They seem to attract the right opportunities and people to them without even trying, by just showing up and freely offering what they have to give. 

In the words of my next guest: “The truth of who we are is all we have in this world. It’s all we are, our words and our deeds. That’s our truth.”

So how do we make our words and deeds more magnetic?

The answer: start working on our swagger.

Today’s Guest 

Leslie Ehm is a former TV host and advertising Creative Director turned training guru. Having spent  decades travelling the globe with her award- winning company Combustion, working with executives and teams from top organizations like Google, Disney, Pepsico, TD Bank, Uber, and more. Seriously the list may as well be the entire Fortune 500.

She’s turned technologists into creative forces, bankers into storytellers, and has  brought a serious dose of badassery to  boardrooms everywhere.

Her latest book ‘Swagger – Unleash Everything You Are and Become Everything You Want’ is a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon #1 bestseller. To quote her website she’s been called “better than therapy,” “a rock star,” “ass-kicking,” “a force of nature” and even “a witch.” So basically… my kinda woman.

Website: LeslieEhm.com
Facebook: @leslieehmspeaks
Instagram: @LeslieEhmSpeaks
LinkedIn: @LeslieEhm

You’ll Learn

  • Why faking it until you make it is the opposite of what works.
  • The main SWAGGER BLOCKS that most of us have when it comes to speaking up and standing out.
  • The power of intention – and why speaking it clearly completely changes our ability to cut through other peoples stories and reset the balance.
  • How to answer the question ‘who do you think you are?’ So rather than going our entire lives and careers fearing it, we can own the answer.
  • Why a huge part of swagger is owning our stories, especially the uncomfortable ones that we fear make us look like a failure.
  • The difference between authentic and intentional – and why spewing your ‘truth’ onto people is the fastest road to failure.
  • And finally – the power of sitting in fascination when it comes to criticism (perceived or real). This one lesson has been incredibly powerful in my life.

My main take away from this conversation was unexpected. Turns out both Leslie and I are huge fans of boxing training (random fact, her first amatuear bout was in front of 900 people at the age of 51).

What’s the one thing that boxing, swagger and influence have in common? You need to learn to take a punch.

Some days won’t go well. Some decisions will blow up in your face. Some conversations won’t pan out as you had hoped. Some outcomes will literally knock the breath out of you.

However the real influencers, the real swagger pro’s, keep getting back into the ring. Keep showing up. Keep putting in the hours, especially when the crowd has gone home, the critics have got bored and no one is watching.

This has to be my favorite line from our conversation: “If you’re in the arena and throwing enough punches, you’re not worrying about the last one you threw – you simply don’t have time”.

I would call that certainty. Leslie would call it Swagger.

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