Nancy Duarte – Resonate: The secret structure of great presentations 

Hey everyone – the Inside Influence team and I are taking an eight week sabbatical this winter (or summer if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere) to generally reset, recalibrate and refill our creative tanks.

For many of us, myself included, that means traveling across the world to see family members where it’s been far too long between hugs.

To keep you fueled while we’re gone, we’ve traveled back through the archives and pulled out four of our favorite Inside Influence episodes of all time. I can also hand on heart say that each of these has, in some way, radically changed how I show up, lead and influence.

If you’re new to the Inside Influence crew, enjoy the ride. If you’re a long time listener, these are definitely conversations worth listening to twice.

Stay safe and we’ll see you back with a brand new season in August.

Today’s Guest 

In this episode I speak with Nancy Duarte – CEO and founder of Silicon Valley’s largest and most successful communications firm, Duarte Inc. Nancy has spent the last 30 years immersed in the world of human story telling and has been behind the scenes of some of the most compelling speeches – or as she calls them’ impassioned pleas’ – that we’ve ever seen. Including Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. 

She’s worked with the thought leaders of global brands like Apple, Cisco, Facebook, GE, Google, HP, TED, Twitter, the World Bank – I’ll stop now. She’s also a renowned author of ‘Illuminate’, ‘Resonate’ and ‘Slide:ology’. Her TED talk ‘The Secret Structure of Great Talks’ has also been watched over 3 million times.

She’s been the master of the crazy world of presenting since way before speaking was cool, back in the days of projectors and transparencies, where you had to draw your idea onto a sheet of plastic.

You’ll Learn

  • The one pattern all the world’s greatest speeches have in common
  • The power of using contrast when building frenzy behind your idea
  • How to create action on the back of any presentations by ‘illuminating’ a new path
  • Why we sabotage our own ideas – and how to let the struggle transform us

So, think of this as an absolute masterclass in how to convey an idea in its most potent form. Whether that’s across a boardroom table, a kitchen table, or a lectern to drive serious change.

After this hour, you’ll have the world’s most powerful tools, so now there’s no excuse.

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