Ep# 76 The Next Right Thing: Tiffani Bova on growth zones, tuning out the noise and jobs to be done 

Hi – this is Julie Masters and you’re listening to The Next Right Thing – a mini-series from The Inside Influence Team. Designed to provide some actionable certainty in uncertain times. Specifically – and the situation we’re all facing right now – the ‘messy middle’ of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The idea behind this series is to go out to some of the most popular guests from past episodes of Inside Influence – and ask them one question: ‘What are the most important things you are focusing on right now (tools, ideas, strategies) – or advising your clients to focus on – that you know for sure work in uncertain times?’

The intention being that somewhere in there, from these incredible minds, you might be able to find inspiration for your next right thing – or to put it another way – a point of certainty amidst the uncertainty.

In this episode I speak with… Tiffani Bova. Global customer growth and innovation evangelist at Salesforce AND Wall Street Journal bestselling author of – ‘Growth IQ – Get Smarter About the Choices that Will Make Or Break Your Business’.

What impresses me most about Tiffani isn’t her credentials – which are extensive – or her laser focused approach to solving the growth challenges of some of the world’s top tier firms. What has always impressed me during the few times we have been able to spend some time together – is her ability to peer into the clutter – into the never-ending predictions, statistics and trends – especially at times like right now – and translate them with a level of certainty, clarity (and perspective) that only comes from having done the work.

In todays conversation we talk about… Stabilised decision making – and why’s it’s vital during any crisis. The Growth Zone – what it is – what it looks like – and how we will know when we’re there. Which consumer habits are temporary and which are now here for good. And the one that hit me the hardest – the idea of ‘Jobs to be done’ and how it needs to be the guiding light for whatever you do next.

What I want you to reflect on here… isn’t actually related to growth – but more related to influence. Tiffani has one of the most finely attuned ‘question radars’ that I have ever come across. Her success as an analyst, author, influencer and leader is in my opinion down to one thing – she listens hard to the questions of her target market, and makes it her absolute mission to answer them. There. That’s it. That alone is an insanely powerful next right thing.

If you want to dig even further into Tiffani’s insanely smart mind and Growth IQ as a set of tools and strategies… you can also hunt down our previous conversation – which I believe is episode No. 42. You can also find her book on Amazon – highly, highly recommended.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say I again – this series very much a ‘by the seat of your pants’ kind of thing… lockdown means we’ve had to work with what we have in terms of equipment and internet speeds. So sound quality isn’t always perfect. But – as I’m learning to embrace – that’s not the point.

The point is that we’re showing up – with intent that somewhere in here – imperfections and all – you will find the fuel you need for your next right thing.

So… other than staying well and looking after each other – I hope somewhere in here you find the fuel you need for your next right thing.

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