Jeremy Connell-Waite decodes how to change the world through purpose driven storytelling 

Today’s question is the holy grail of influence. 

It’s the question that any influencer that wants to make an impact with their words, ideas or mission strives to answer: 

How do you tell stories that change the way the world works

My guest today has built his career around answering this question – and still sits at the coal face, mining away at the ever-evolving answer.

Today’s Guest 

Jeremy Connell Waite is a man of many hats. He’s Communications Designer at IBM where he coaches partners and executives to create compelling pitches and keynotes for purpose-driven brands.

He also created IBM’s Communications Thinking™ framework, now used across the globe to help future business leaders to tell stronger purpose-driven stories, on screen, on stage or in the boardroom.

Having been Voted the #1 Most Influential Person on Twitter for #BigData,Top 30 Most Influential Digital Marketer in the world and the 3rd most Influential Social Media Marketer in the UK.

In April this year Jeremy also founded the Earthshot Academy – a storytelling platform to help young professionals and business leaders who ‘want to change the world with their words and ideas’. 

If this wasn’t enough, he’s also written four books, run his own agency and worked for brands such as Nike, Vodafone and Uber. 

I first came across Jeremy after a friend recommended I check out his LinkedIn profile, where I was just blown away by the visual story maps he was creating. Literally decoding on one page the key structures, moments and secrets of the greatest storytellers of our time.

He calls himself an industrial storyteller – I would say he’s a storytelling scientist.

LinkedIn : 

You’ll Learn

  • The key emotion you must evoke to get people to consider and take action on your ideas – basically the magic ingredient of influence.
  • What ‘elephants’, ‘wild geese’ and ‘black swans’ have to do with purpose-driven influence and how to use them all within your storytelling. 
  • How to tailor your storytelling to make maximum impact – including staying flexible when it comes to ‘what you want to say’ vs. ‘what your audience needs to hear’.
  • How much preparation a world changing speech actually takes (HINT: a lot more than you think). 
  • Finally, the keys to enrolling people in your purpose – and where you immediately need to take them from there.

For me, as many of you no doubt know, I could geek out on this topic for hours.

We all know that one speech, one pitch, one presentation in front of the right audience – can have the power to change the ENTIRE course of what comes next. For our business, our mission, our project or our career.

Understanding how to do that at the highest possible level, understanding how to make yourself felt and understood exactly as you intend – matters. 

Perhaps more so than any other skill I know. 

I hope today’s conversation gives you the tools and confidence to do exactly that.

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