Donna Griffit on becoming pitch perfect, owning your origin story and nailing the ‘quick pitch’ 

Are you pitch perfect? 

We all understand the power of the ‘pitch’ – whether it’s for investment, a new career defining opportunity or that game changing client. These are the 7 to 14 minute long ‘sliding door’ moments that define whether we take our influence to the next level.

However, once you’ve done the hard work of getting the right people in the room, how do you make every second count?

Today’s Guest 

My guest today is corporate storyteller and ‘pitch alchemist’ Donna Griffit.

Donna has worked with over 1000 start-ups, Fortune 500 companies and venture capitalists from across the globe, helping them raise billions of dollars of investment – all through the power of pitching. Earlier this year she also published her first bestselling book: ‘Sticking to my Story – The Alchemy of Storytelling for Startups’, collating all of her knowledge from over 20 years helping experts and business leaders become pitch perfect. 

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You’ll Learn

  • The most common pitching mistakes we all make – and one change you can make to avoid the biggest mistake of all. 
  • The ideal duration of a pitch – including why you should always have a quick pitch in your back pocket in case your time is cut (happens more than you think), or if you bump into the right person in the elevator. 
  • Why your ‘origin story’ is one of the most powerful tools in your storytelling arsenal.
  • Why the very best pitches are designed as a play of four acts – complete with a hero, a villain and a happy ever after. 
  • And crucially, how to close your pitch in a way that guarantees people will take action.

I honestly don’t know many other skills as practical and vital to work on as perfecting the power of the pitch. 

Yet what always amazes me – is that with a few small tweaks and a backbone of proven structure – it’s not as difficult as you think to take a 7/10 “Talk to me next year” to a 9/10 “Can we talk about next steps?”.

That’s where insights from experts like Donna – who have been on the front line of pitches that actually get results – are truly in a league of their own.

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