Dorie Clark – The Long Game: How to think long-term in a short-term world
Bob Chapman – Truly human leadership: What it means to lead like everybody matters
Rich Diviney – The Attributes: A Navy SEAL Commander on the hidden drivers of elite performance
Jeremy Cowart – The Purpose Hotel and the art of showing up before you’re ready
Laura Gassner Otting – What would you do if you felt truly limitless?
Mikael Krogerus – The secrets of great decision making: Information, intuition and how to keep moving
Benjamin Zander – The power of standing in possibility: Leadership and the transformative role of music
Cindy Gallop: Taking on Titans: Power, persistence and changing the world through sex
Guy Kawasaki – The Art of Evangelism: Mastery, mantras and nailing the pitch
Gautam Mishra – The Future of the News: Truth, trust and how to turn this ship around
Manal al-Sharif – Daring to drive the change: Courage, conviction and the power of using your voice
Hamish Thomson – Why it’s not always right to be right