Kemi Nekvapil on the true meaning of power and how to live and lead without apology 

When you hear the word ‘power’, what first springs to mind? 

Do you immediately think of its absence, the moments you felt ‘power-less’ – or the moments you showed up as the fullest version of yourself?

Is ‘power’ a word or sensation that feels like it belongs to you? Or is it a word that usually belongs to someone else?

My guest today wants to redefine how we think, approach and own the word ‘power’ in our lives. 

Today’s Guest 

Kemi Nekvapil is one of Australia’s leading coaches for female executives and entrepreneurs. She describes her life’s work as being to ‘empower women to live and lead without apology’. 

Kemi is a certified facilitator for Brenè Brown’s ‘Dare To Lead’ program, and also a facilitator for The Hunger Project Australia which works with communities to enable them to realize a future free from hunger and poverty. 

She is also a highly sought after international speaker and author who has just published her latest book: ‘Power; A woman’s guide to living and leading without apology’. The book looks at how to navigate the inevitable challenges we face from a place of unapologetic power – in order to show up at the highest possible level. 

Instagram: @keminekvapil

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You’ll Learn

  • The true meaning of the word power, and how it’s our definitions of the word – rather than our own innate strength – that keeps us small.
  • What stops us from stepping into our power. Including all the ways we give our power away, in order to feel a sense of safety and belonging.  
  • The right questions to ask to reclaim your sense of power. In particular, when faced with people and situations that would usually make us shrink.
  • Why real power is often found in the quiet moments, the small decisions, the micro-choices – rather than the big grand gestures.
  • Finally, how to access your intuition and realize that the greatest power comes from outwardly trusting your inner voice. 

For me, the word ‘power’ has shifted in meaning, particularly over the last few years. Previously it had the energy of pushing. Building, creating, showing up, using your voice – changing what needs to be changed. Forcing where necessary. 

Yet now, largely thanks to this podcast. That’s fundamentally shifted.

Now when I think about the word ‘power’, when I embody it, when I witness it – the feeling is one of ‘pulling’. Showing up and holding yourself with such clarity, such intention, such gravity. That the right people and situations are quite literally pulled towards you.

That to me is real power.

I’ll let you decide what it means to you.

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