Happy New Year everyone. Welcome to 2018.

Now with this episode we decided to do something a little bit different and we decided just to keep it really simple.

Firstly because it’s Christmas and we wanted a break. Secondly because, if your attention span is anything like mine during this time of year, simple is just good.

So for this one I wanted to share, and actually actually start a conversation with you, about New Year’s resolutions. Now I know that that’s a contentious topic. Some people love them some people hate them, but for me I find it a really useful way every year to just focus my thinking right down into what I want to do differently this year.

So I’ll share a few of mine and these are based totally on what I’ve learnt from the people I’ve interviewed for this podcast so far. And I wanna hear a little bit more about yours as well. And I want to invite you to publicly share what your influence resolutions are going to be for this year and how you’re planning on executing them via my social accounts:

Insta @Jules.Masters

LinkedIn: Julie Masters

Twitter: @Jules_Masters





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