The Leadership Maestro – Lead Like the Great Conductors 

The Leadership Maestro – Lead Like the Great Conductors
Season 1, Ep. 49
As a leader, it is our ability to influence harmony within a culture that determines our success. There needs to be a focus on both listening and guiding an individual. We must have an ability to hear the voice of one and the voices of many. As leaders we are the conductors in a symphony where the influence we have will determine the magic in the music we create.

Todays guest is the incredible Itay Talgam. I have wanted to interview Itay for quite some time for one purpose, and that is to decode how leaders can create influence like the greatest conductors on the planet. Conductors who influence, listen, guide and unite individuals in creating musical magic all while performing live in front of huge audiences…where any mistake is there for the world to see.

Itay Talgam is an orchestral conductor turned into ‘conductor of people’ – A producer of the symphony that is influence. He has mastered the creation of human harmony and cooperation passing on key leadership and influence skills to Fortune 500 companies, nonprofits and universities, and at conferences around the world, including TED, Google’s Zeitgeist, and the World Economic Forum at Davos.

With a lifetime of experience behind him Talgam conducted many orchestras in Europe – being the first Israeli conductor to perform with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic Orchestra and with the Leipzig Opera house. He also performed in the United States, and, naturally, conducted and recorded many times with all of Israel’s major orchestras, including the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, the New Israeli Opera, Jerusalem Symphony, and the Israel Chamber Orchestra.

While your office is clearly not a stage, and your team are more than likely not professional musicians, there is so much that can be learned about influence in decoding the mindset, methodology and the magic of some of the worlds greatest composers. Talgam’s anecdotes and insights will change the way you think about listening, humility and the path to unpredictable brilliance. They will equip you for exceptional leadership and influence.

In today’s episode we discussed:

The Intersection between the office and the conductor’s podium.
The sheer gravity of silence as a tool of influence
What it is to create space for others in leadership
How do you go about creating a community of listeners
How do you ensure other peoples stories are shared
The balance between direction and enabling self expression in leadership.
Why creating space to simply enjoy your creation revitalises your role in leadership

So as always kick back, and get ready to tune into the music of influence. A space where leadership and influence express themselves via graceful movements, expression, emotion and sound.

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