POWERCUT: Benjamin Zander on mastering the art of enrolment 

Here we are again with another Power Cut, a series of mini-episodes dropping once a week, each carefully curated from our favorite interviews from 2021 to keep you inspired and motivated, while our Inside Influence team takes a little bit of a break to reimagine and recharge our batteries over Christmas. This Powercut episode was my pick, one of my all time favorite human beings and conversations from last year, Benjamin Zander.

Today’s Guest 

Benjamin is the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic and also the Boston Philharmonic Youth Orchestra. However it’s his unique approach to leadership that has led the best in the world to continually seek him out. And as you’ll hear, at 82 years and strong, he has plenty to say. Benjamin co-authored the bestselling book, The Art of Possibility, with his wife Rosamund and his Ted Talk, The Transformative Power of Classical Music, has inspired over 20 million views. I’ll say that again, 20 million views. However, what makes Benjamin so captivating for me is his ability to make classical music accessible and relevant to everyone. He’s a true translator of his space and he uses his passion for music as an invitation, an invitation for us all to understand and stand in possibility, the possibility that exists in every piece of music, the possibility that is in every room, every situation, every conversation, especially the hard ones.

And in this part of our conversation, you will hear him talk about the art of enrollment, how you create a call to action for your team or audience that is so visceral, so compelling that people will literally travel the length of the planet to walk that road with you regardless of the risks ahead. Plus, how he became a primary translator in his space. That one was worth the price of entry for me. So sit back, soak up the incredible high notes of Benjamin Zander.

Website: www.benjaminzander.org

Facebook: OfficialBenjaminZander

Twitter:  @BenjaminZander

LinkedIn: benjaminzander

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