Decision making at 400km/ph – A Red Bull Pilot’s Guide to Leadership 

My next guest is Red Bull air racing pilot Matt Hall.

Matt is a third generation pilot, a former RAAF Fighter Combat Instructor, which if you are a fan of Top Gun you’ll get just how impressive that is, he’s an international unlimited aerobatic competitor and in 2009 became not only the first Australian to ever compete in the Red Bull Air Race World Championship but also the first Rookie to finish a Red Bull race and indeed the entire season on the podium. We looked at what it takes to truly lead at speed. In particular, how do you put your trust in the skills and expertise of others, when one wrong call could end your career and quite possibly your life. And when the inevitable does happen, the crash occurs, and your faith is well and truly shaken, what do you do next? What checks, rituals, tools do you put in place to make sure that you don’t allow one mistake to impact the way you lead moving forward? So this is me and Matt Hall talking the highest of highs, the lowest of lows, and how to lead at speed – enjoy!

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