Mastering Fear – A Navy SEAL’s Guide 

We all feel fear. Many of us (even those you least expect) live with it as a daily companion. What we do with it is the difference between freezing – the bunny in the headlights – without the ability to move or adapt. Or proactively seeking fear as one of nature’s best tools to sharpen our ability to influence.

So how do you feel it and still stay present – stay able to master your inner landscape – despite the adrenaline running a thousand miles an hour?

In todays Interview we dive into the world of mastering fear with the extraordinary – Brandon Webb.

Brandon is a former US Navy SEAL sniper, New York Times bestselling author, Experimental aircraft pilot, and Entrepreneur. After leaving home at age sixteen – he joined the US Navy to become a Navy SEAL. His first permanent assignment was as a helicopter Aircrew Search & Rescue (SAR) swimmer – and Aviation Warfare Systems Operator. As a SEAL Brandon completed four deployments to the Middle East.

He also received numerous distinguished service awards – including the Presidential Unit Citation (awarded to him by President George W. Bush), and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation medal with “V” device for valour in combat.

After ending his Navy career early after over a decade of service – he went on to embark on an entrepreneurial journey that – first time out of the gate – literally resulted in him losing everything. Undeterred – He went on to found Hurricane Media – a fast growing military focused digital content network – which is today valued at over $100 Million dollars.

Yet… and yet… what peaked my interest in Brandon at first wasn’t his incredible journey – but in reading a preview chapter I had been sent on his latest book ‘Mastering Fear – A Navy SEALS Guide’. In which he talks first about trying to teach his best friend Kamal to swim.

Helping a close friend through a crippling fear that had been with them for a lifetime – which he did successfully in one week – set about a process where he decided to break down everything he had learned about mastering fear. Both as a SEAL’s – and in his own entrepreneurial journey – at the crux of it was this quote from the book:

‘it’s not about becoming physically stronger, or tougher, or more aggressive. It is about learning how to identify and change the conversation in your head. Every battle, triumph, the defeat you have ever had – first took place in your mind.’

In today’s podcast we cover off…

●     The importance of ‘keeping the sharks out of your head’

●     This difference between mastering fear vs overcoming fear – PIVOTAL ‘if you see fear as the enemy, then you’ve already lost’

●     A simple model to switch the mental switch on fear – Known as the ‘SEALS secret weapon’.

●     How do use the ‘charge’ from fear to sharpen ourselves – most successful people I know literally move towards that charge when they feel it

●     The practice of drown proofing – and why it’s essential to replacing fear with a sense of clarity – knowing that you’ve already mentally faced the worse

  • And why – in the words of Mike Tyson – “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth”.

If you’ve ever heard the quote “What would you do right now if you were not afraid?” – it’s one of my favorites – after listening to this interview I dare you to not change it (as I did) to “What would I do right now if I focused this fear?”

So… grab yourself that coffee – Red Bull – or whatever your caffeine of choice – nothing like facing fear with a healthy shot of adrenaline. And get ready to journey inside one of the most ‘misunderstood’ and underutilized parts of the human condition.

Enjoy my conversation with the incredible Brandon Webb.


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