Mastering Communication – Lessons From The Mentors Mentor 

If I asked you what it takes to be truly influential I’m sure most of you would say the ability to be able to communicate, whether it’s commanding a meeting or an auditorium. How you use your body, your hands, your voice, to demand attention and create impact makes all the difference in the world and for any of you that’s ever seen a TED talk, you will know that those that stand out and get shared millions of times have a craftsmanship to what they do and how they explain their ideas.

I’ve spent many many years working with thought leaders who get up on stage and share their ideas and there’s one person who I always look to as an inspiration when it comes to being a true master of communication.

Our next guest is the one that I would usually point you in the direction of and after this particular episode I would recommend you check him out on YouTube, there’s a number of amazing videos there.

So without any further ado our guest this week is Colin James. From speaking, facilitating and teaching others how to master their own skills, he is an absolute legend. In this episode we talk about storytelling:

How do you find ideas for stories to bring your presentations to life.

We talk about making it personal. Where’s the line between you, your professional self, your authentic self and the self that you want to share.

We get really down into structure, what that means, the technical science behind building an amazing presentation.

We’ll also talk about dealing with difficult people, how you hold a difficult space? How do you use your personal gravity to command a room and get everybody on board?

So here’s the mentor of great mentors. I’ve seen him hold his space and command attention in many rooms of influential people, often totally terrifying people who all know how to be heard above the noise and he has the power to silence them all.

He is a true craftsman of communication and that is a rare thing and I am so pleased to be able to share just some of his wisdom with you today.

Colin James

Over the past 25 years Colin James, has worked with senior executives around the world and has deep experience working with groups both large and small, taking cultural diversity and the variety of delivery platforms in his stride. From a young age, Colin’s dream was to be a teacher and he realised that to be an effective and engaging teacher he needed one key skill — and that was to master the art of communication.

Colin James Website:

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