How to be heard – Keys to Speaking Powerfully 

What is it to truly listen consciously? To listen for context, listen for culture, listen for values or even more significantly listen for meaning. In schools we are taught the most basic and complex skills of maths, reading, science and history – but what we are never taught – is one of the most important life skills available to us. To consciously explore and interpret the world as it arrives through our ears.

Technology and digitisation has in some ways amplified our communication, yet at the same time – according to our next guest – the use of the human voice has become marginalised.

Today we send texts and emails, snapchats, and emojis… all fantastic tools (if not a little bewildering on the emoji front)… but before these tools… before language itself there was only the human voice.

As most of us know – or have at the very least felt. There is a huge difference between hearing words – and deeply listening to another human being. We’ve talked about it before on this podcast in a multitude of ways. From FBI Negotiators to monks. Yet our next guest is someone I have been hoping we could bring to you since the beginning of this series.

Julian Treasure is a true master of influential communication – whose vision is to transform the world by inspiring people to listen consciously and speak powerfully.

I believe his insights and message contains one of the most powerful tools of influence available. The ability to fully and intentionally understand – and be understood by – another human being.

Julian is a sound and communication expert. He is the founder of The Sound Agency – a company dedicated to asking and answering the question “How does your brand sound?”

He is also the author of the books ‘How To Be Heard’ and ‘Sound Business’. His TED talks have also been watched more than 40 million times – I’ll say that again – 40 million times – that’s 4-0 – a testament to just how much thirst there is for this topic and its impact.

His latest talk, How to speak so that people want to listen, is now in the top 10 TED talks of all time. In addition Julian is regularly featured in the world’s media, including TIME Magazine, The Times, The Economist and the BBC.

In today’s podcast we unlock the following keys to listen into influence,

  • The difference between hearing – and consciously listening (If you can ingrain this one distinction in your life – I promise you this will be time well spent)
  • How the voice alone – regardless of the words – always tells a meaningful story.
  • Why the vast majority of people don’t listen – and how to overcome the habit
  • How our addiction to outrage inhibits our ability to listen.
  • Why the most powerful leaders are ALWAYS the most powerful listeners
  • The power of silence as a sound.
  • And why listening to someone as if it was ‘for the first time’ – can help love last over a lifetime

In a nutshell Julian is an extraordinary human being with a unique vision… To enable a world that listens consciously and can express itself powerfully.

To be honest, as a leader, a partner, parent and friend – I can’t imagine a goal – or an intention for those you love and do business with – more powerful than that one.

So – sit back – breathe into every word and every silence. As an exercise try to take this time as an opportunity – not only to absorb the message – but also to practice listening as one of the highest disciplines of influence. It’s not easy. But it’s worth it.

Enjoy my conversation with the incredible – Julian Treasure.

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