Ep# 78 The Next Right Thing: Brandon Webb on pivots, staying fluid and harnessing with fear 

Hi – this is Julie Masters and you’re listening to The Next Right Thing – a mini-series from The Inside Influence Team. Designed to provide some actionable certainty in uncertain times. Specifically – and the situation we’re all facing right now – the COVID-19 pandemic.

The idea behind this series is to go out to some of the most popular guests from past episodes of Inside Influence – and ask them one question: ‘What are the most important things you are focusing on right now (tools, ideas, strategies) – or advising your clients to focus on – that you know for sure work in uncertain times?’

The intention being that somewhere in there, you will find inspiration for your next right thing – a point of certainty amidst the uncertainty.

In this episode, I speak with… Brandon Webb. Former US Navy SEAL sniper, New York Times bestselling author and Entrepreneur. He has received numerous distinguished service awards – including the Presidential Unit Citation (awarded to him by President George W. Bush), and the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation medal with “V” for valour in combat.

After ending his Navy career, he then went on to embark on an entrepreneurial journey that – first time out of the gate – literally resulted in him losing everything. Undeterred – he dove deep into the pivot and went on to found Hurricane Media – a digital content network now valued at over $100 Million dollars

This episode jumps around a bit but there’s 3 or 4 gold nuggets I want you to listen out for…

In this episode, we talk about mental management Navy SEAL style, getting off the X and staying fluid, drown-proofing (literally a concept that changed my life – professionally and personally) and surrounding yourself with the right people when the terrain gets unclear.

You may notice a fair amount of background noise in this episode – for those of you that are particularly sensitive to that – I totally get it. It’s just the trade off we had to make to get this one out there. Interesting side story…

If you want to dig even further into Brandon’s genius – you can also hunt down our previous conversation – which I believe is episode No. 38.

But for now, and as always with these episodes – and all of the Inside Influence conversations come to think of it – I hope somewhere in here you find the fuel you need for your next right move.

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