Brant Pinvidic – Nailing The Virtual Pitch: How To Seal The Deal When You Can’t Be In The Room 

Have you ever been in the situation where you had limited time to pitch an idea? A moment where you knew you had to immediately capture attention, establish credibility and build a compelling enough argument – and that your ability to do so would literally make or break what comes next? 

I’ve found myself on both ends of this situation more times than I can count over the years. Having both made and received hundreds of pitches. Some successfully – some so unsuccessful I still have difficulty thinking about them without shuddering. 

But the ones that went well – that ultimately ended up changing the course of my businesses and career – and the ones where I have been in the position to change the course of someone else’s business or career. Those successful ones all had a few things in common. 

The largest of those? Is an epic FIRST 2-3 minutes.

So when someone sent me a book recently called ‘The 3-Minute Rule: Say Less to Get More from Any Pitch or Presentation’. I was ALL IN.

That book was written by my next guest – Brant Pinvidic – award-winning film director, veteran television producer, keynote speaker, top-rated podcast host (Rob Lowe being one of the most recent guests I tuned into) and columnist for Forbes.

With over 20 years of experience in producing, creating, and directing household TV shows and movies – Brant is widely recognized as one of the great creative leaders in Hollywood. Having given over 100+ successful film and television pitches over his career, Brant learnt that if he didn’t get them in the first three minutes – chances are he wouldn’t get them at all. Taking those business and storytelling lessons he developed a proven blueprint for leaders wanting to position their message with impact.

In today’s conversation we delve into the mechanics of what it takes to get your ideas over the line. Including:

  • Why three minutes is the key to creating an ultra-concise, ultra-compelling pitch for any idea, product, service or company.
  • The Fire Alarm Test – If someone pulled the fire alarm after three minutes of your presentation or sales pitch, have you done enough to make people want to come back and hear more?
  • The four core questions every successful pitch needs to address
  • Why being passionate about everything – often means you are credible about nothing.
  • How to close with a hook that guarantees action.
  • And the difference between situational doubt and self-doubt – in particular why one of those mindsets is self-defeating – and the other is self-preserving.

If now is the time to get others on board with your ideas, product, company or vision – those potentially hold the power to making it happen – then this episode is for you.

Enjoy my conversation with the master of the pitch – Brant Pindivic.

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