The Digital Parent – The New Dilemma (Part 1) 

Do you remember the world before the internet? A world where children built Forts, rather than play Fortnite, and setting boundaries was as simple as closing the bedroom door. Or in my case – the day your Father received one too many outrageous phone bills and unplugged the telephone for a week. Teenage. Life. Over. As. I. Knew. It.

Compare that to some of the stories from my next guest….

In a world of influence, there’s possibly none more powerful – or wide reaching – as the influence we have on the next generation.

Maybe I’m thinking a lot about it at the moment – new baby on the way – young daughter I can feel already watching my every technology move. Someone asked me recently – boyfriend beaming into her eyeballs. HOW DO YOU PREPARE FOR THAT?

Yet this isn’t just a question for parents – this is a question for peers, teachers, mentors, relatives and leaders of young people. Or really for anyone trying to navigate a digital age where no one – not even the technology creators themselves – fully understand the rules (or consequences) of the game.

So how do we face this new digital dilemma with optimism rather than fear? How do we instill OR MODEL a resilient, healthy and empowered relationship with the technology that increasingly fuels every facet of our lives?

That’s the reason why today, I am introducing a 2 part podcast series with the incredible Dr Kristy Goodwin. Kristy is a children’s technology and development expert, a speaker, author and parent who has committed her life to translating the latest research on leading young people through a digital age. And it starts – you guessed it – with first leading ourselves.

Most importantly – what I want you to notice is that Kristy doesn’t believe in guilt. Which in a world where all our decisions in relation to technology – seem to be increasing coming under fire – in particular when it comes to digital devices and parenting. Is as refreshing as it is insightful.

In part one of this podcast dive into:

Info-beasity, and address what it takes to tame the information beast.
Why our ancient brains are struggling to cope in a digital world.
Tips to prevent and manage techno-tantrums
How our own digital habits inform how our children engage with devices – TIP – that age old parenting phrase ‘do as I say and not as I do’ – which is a from memory from my childhood – is about effective now as it was then.
Effective (parental war zone tested) strategies to implement digital boundaries.
The neuroscience governing our engagement with digital platforms.
AND finally – and this one totally changed my perspective – why we should avoid using (or removing) digital devices and connectivity as a punishment tool

So – grab your digital device of choice – find a quiet spot – drop the guilt – and prepare to make some empowered choices in relation to how technology can enhance – rather than control – your life and the lives of those you love and lead. Enjoy my conversation with the crazy talented… Kristy Goodwin.

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