The road to consensus from a U.N. facilitator – Allan Parker 

I want you to imagine that for the first 30 years of your life you couldn’t read. Then fast forward 10 years and imagine finding yourself at the world investment forum having been invited to facilitate 462 people. One hundred ninety three countries countless languages. And your role is to make sure that they are all heard. It’s all recorded and that an agreement is found. That’s the role and the history of our next guest Alan Parker.

When we first put this podcast together he was one of the very first people I decided that I had to have on the show. In the hour we spent together we talked about introverts versus extroverts, we talked about conflict and getting people out of pre-programmed adversarial responses, we talked about having an intention rather than answers. We talked about consensus and what it takes to produce more than everybody wants, as opposed to what everybody wants and how that differs with a large number of stakeholders to a small number of stakeholders. He is just some kind of Sensei in this world and I hope you take something pivotal from this because I guarantee you there’s more than one lesson in here to be learned about influence and dealing with group like conversations.

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