Stand out, do the work and be seen – Alison Hill 

Tell me what you’re paying attention to. And I will tell you who you are. That’s a quote from this episode’s guest Alison Hill. Alison started her career as a professional psychologist or head mechanic. She likes to call it where she spent many years tweaking the minds of top performers as an in demand coach with some of the world’s largest companies including BHB McDonald’s. The names go on. I actually met Alison for the first time a number of years ago very briefly and she stood out to me as a woman of impeccable energy. I can’t think of a better description than that, she just has this sense about her as a woman who very much owns her own space. So when I got off the plane about six months ago in Melbourne and I saw this giant light box with her, having launched her own book “stand out – a real world guide to get clear find purpose and become the boss of busy” I knew we had to get her on the show. So as you know in this podcast we take a behind the scenes look into influence and I want to talk to Alison about how we influence ourselves. I’m a big believer that your ability to influence is 100 percent correlated to what or who you let in i.e. what you allow to influence you where you put your attention or time. The stories you tell yourself the distractions you allow to take over. So we talk about getting forensic about that about how you manage create and defend your own boundaries.

Secondly we talk about freaking out checking out and burning out or words which unfortunately we’re generally all too familiar with either in ourselves or in the people we love. How do you notice. How do you turn that ship around. How do you get back on track so you can live a standout life. Thirdly we talk about choosing to stand out and how it will always ultimately cost you your old identity. And how you get around that how you get around the resistance associated with that Allison has her own amazing journey. Standing out or choosing to stand out as a speaker as an author and step out from behind the brand and it all started with a post it note that said “do the work be seen” that she stuck to her desk. And if nothing else I hope that as a result of listening to this episode you leave with some tools to do the same.

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