POWERCUT: Michael Port – how to make the leap from expert to visionary 

We are coming to the end of another eventful year, another 12 month bundle of opportunities, challenges, plenty of highlights and some definite unforeseen low lights. Hopefully you are about to embark on a well-deserved break. This is exactly what the inside influence team and myself will be doing. So over the next few weeks we are going to be taking a festive step back to rest up, recalibrate and re-inspire ourselves for 2022. However, if you need some inspiration to get you thinking and planning for next year, we have you covered. Our holiday season of power cuts or power minis are back. Our first power cut episode is with Michael Port.

Michael Port is a NY Times, Wall Street Journal bestselling author, TED speaker and Co-Founder & CEO of Heroic Public Speaking.

Over the last two decades, Michael has written eight books that have made it onto the bestseller lists of the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today – including… ‘Steal the Show,’ ‘Book Yourself Solid’ and ‘The Referable Speaker.

Not too bad for someone who was told by his fourth grade teacher that he had the worst spelling she’d seen in 25 years of teaching.

Over that time, and together with his wife and co-founder, Amy Port he has also built Heroic Public Speaking Worldwide. Offering the most complete (and effective) speaker training in the world. All centered around teaching speakers what actors have always known – how to craft an authentic performance during presentations, pitches and lifes high stakes moments. 

Clients include CEOs and founders, Admirals, Navy Seals, and FBI agents, Olympians, politicians (but apparently only the nice ones), bestselling authors and leaders of global movements.

Sometimes a guest comes onto the podcast and you just know you’re in for one helluva ride – this conversation was one of those. In it we dived into…

  • Speech structure and the 5 foundational elements to a speech
  • Why ‘winging it’ never works when it comes to impactful communication or presentations – and why the best communicators focus first on figuring out their ‘big promise’ and working backwards from there.

If you enjoy this powercut episode and would like to hear my full conversation with Michael Port please head over to my website juliemasters.com or listen at all the usual places #itunes #spotify #googleplay #stitcher. 

For now sit back, relax and enjoy my powercut conversation with Michael Port.

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