Mark Schulman – The power of the Rockstar Mindset: How to show up hard when the going gets tough 

In this episode, we are once again fusing the world of influence and rock n’ roll… 

However today’s question isn’t about what it takes to show up like a rock star – when all eyes are on you – and the stakes feel sky scraper high – but instead what it takes to STILL show up like a Rockstar – when one seemingly ordinary morning you wake up – and your entire audience has disappeared.

In order to do that I once again called upon the incredible Mark Schulman – author, speaker, insightful human being and well and truly at the top of the performance tree as the lead drummer for P!nk.

Mark has performed for over 1 billion people – touring with world class performers such as Cher, Billy Idol, Simple Minds, Beyoncé and Tina Turner. He is also the author of the very fitting Conquering Life’s Stage Fright. In which he interviews global powerhouses like Tony Hsieh (CEO of Zappos), Jeremy Piven (Actor from the Entourage) and Alan Bean (Apollo 12 Astronaut) – in order to translate the magic of world-class performance. 

In other words what it takes to show up, reframe your fears and own what you’ve got with every cell in your body. 

Marks number one super power – other than drumming – is his ability to maintain what he describes as a Rockstar mindset. A belief that the attitude and energy levels we choose – are the PRIMARY fuel of any world class performance – and that everything – down to the phone call you just took – and the Tweet you’re about to send – is a form of performance.

Today we pick right back up again where we left off – however this time in a whole new world. Diving straight into…

  • Why ‘world class’ always begins where our comfort zones end”
  • How your attitude is both your vantage (or disadvantage) point
  • Mark’s favourite equation (and lets face it it’s not often you get to discuss mathematics with a Rockstar): A x B = C (Attitude x Behaviour = Consequence)
  • How to embrace the fact that you always have the ability to respond – even (and especially) when situations feel out of your control
  • How Mark had to take a huge dose of his own advice in 2020 – when all his events, concerts and sources of income were cancelled within 48 hours
  • Why it’s not about WHAT (you say/play) but HOW (you say/play it) – in other words how you show up and embody the impact your trying to have
  • And why Clarity + Capability + Competence …. are three steps to top performance

What I want to you to reflect on while listening to our conversation is exactly that – if the lights came on, the music started – and tens of thousands of people were about to watch you perform. How would you show up? Now turn off the lights, take away the audience and remove any element of certainty you had about the future – could you show up just as hard?

With that, I’ll leave you to soak up the most curious, unstoppable, infectious human being that I ever met. The Rockstar himself – Mark Schulman.  

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