Jon Levy – You’re invited: The art of influence, connection and belonging 

How influential is your personal network?

You know I love a multi-layered question and this one comes in two parts.

Firstly, how well does your current network, the current galaxy of people you orbit around (and who orbit around you) reflect the habits, influence, achievements you want to create?

Secondly – and here’s where it gets interesting – how much of an impact does your current network have on you and those around you. Including people who will never meet?

If there’s one thing that most researchers agree upon it’s this: your level of influence is in direct correlation to who you are connected to.

Which is fine as a base line, however dig under the surface and it raises more questions than it answers. 

How big does that network need to be? Who needs to be in it and – in a day and age where we all collect more connections than we know what to do with – what does connection even mean?

When I started diving into these questions, they all pointed me in one direction.

Today’s Guest 

Jon Levy is a social researcher, best selling author, TED talker and (probably best known) founder of the Influencers Dinner—an exclusive dining experience created in 2009, which brings industry leaders ranging from Nobel laureates to Olympians, Emmy award winners, musician, politician and even members of the royal family – to celebrities together to cook and share a meal. In his words…

Levy shares his approach to making connections in his new best selling book, You’re Invited: The Art and Science of Cultivating Influence. The book breaks down his “Influence Equation”—how to build belonging and trust to create a high impact community.

Instagram and Twitter: @JonLevyTLB

You’ll Learn

  • Why influence and behavior is contagious – including the influence our network has on everything from our results to our longevity.
  • The IKEA effect – why most of us feel we can ‘buy’ or impress our way to great connections. When in fact, the strongest bonds are built through shared effort and meaningful contribution.
  • How the rituals within our communities and families become the cornerstones we orbit around – and the importance of consciously creating them.
  • A blueprint for creating powerful invitations (this one is worth the price of admission alone). Including  EXACTLY what, after years of inviting the most powerful people on the planet to The Influencers Dinner, Jon has learned about cutting through the noise.
  • Finally, why everyone, especially those at the top of their game, feel like they don’t fit in – and how to create spaces for deep and powerful connections.

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