EP #62 Justin Dry, How to Build a Tribe 

Greetings everyone, my name is Julie Masters and welcome to another episode of Inside Influence. In which I delve into the minds of some of the world’s most fascinating influencers – or experts in influence – to get to the bottom of what it really takes to own your voice – and then amplify it to drive an industry, a conversation, a movement or a nation. ____________________________________________________________________________

One of the things I notice a lot in talking to people about influence – and influencers – especially those that have managed to harness attention long enough to redefine or reinvent an entire industry – is the assumption that it must be sexy.

Like the hero’s journey – only in a cool T-shirt. A one way upward trajectory – where you can always see a light beconning at the end of the tunnel, and everything you try either works – or provides an obvious answer around what will.

Yet never – in 20 years of working with, talking to influencers – have I heard anything like that version of events.

Usually it starts with a feeling – a nagging thought that something is missing – a product, a service, a conversation. And then begins a seemingly never-ending process of figuring out what happens next. And that generally involves years of starting conversations you have no idea how you’ll finish. Experimenting with strategies you’re not sure you fully understand. Selling ideas or products you have no clue how you’re going to build. And sitting on the office floor once everyone has gone home – trying to remember why you started.

I saw a diagram on Instagram the other day… what people think it looks like – what it actually looks like. AND THAT – IN MY EXPERIENCE – IS ABOUT AS TRUE AS IT GETS.

For my next guest – that squiggely line began in a garage – and then a campervan – and then became one of the fastest growing online wine retailers on the planet. With an annual turnover already of more than $50 million- and a Global Tribe of Wine Lovers who – and trust me I’ve met a few – you can’t stop evangelising about their love for all things Mofo.

As Co-Founder + CEO, my guest today Justin Dry has done what many would say was impossible – reinvent one of the oldest – most weighed down in tradition – categories imaginable. Wine.

I first met Justin when I was asked to interview him on stage at a corporate event. So much gold came from that conversation – around what worked – but more importantly, what didn’t – when it comes to starting, scaling, hacking attention, using social fuel and combining the powers of human interaction with cutting edge content. That all I remember is walking away feeling like ‘why didn’t we record that?!?’.

In today’s conversation we talk about:

The incredible, unexpected, journey of vinomofo – I don’t always dive into back story – it’s just not that kind of podcast – but with Justin I did – for specific purpose
How grassroots storytelling is at the heart of building any tribe
Practical tools on how to use online platforms to gain traction (including when to and when not to double down) – and what he sees coming next when it comes to online attention
How to translate what works in a traditionally face 2 face (i.e. high touch) model (such as buying wine) into digital channels
How to manage the issue of control when it comes to creating a culture where everyone is responsible for building digital engagement
His favorite and most expensive mistake – and what it taught him about being grown up
And how the 5 love languages has transformed the way Justin’s manages team Mofo

What I love about Justin and the Vino Mofo story – is not only that it’s a story about being willing to back yourself, over and over again. Which is key number one in influencing anything – or anyone. But that it always, always – comes back to how many times you’re willing to get curious, reset, follow your gut and ask the question.

A small shout out finally also to Justin and his amazing partner Asher – who – just last week – welcomed baby Matisse into the world. She’s gorgeous – and it’s hard to imagine how much wine would have been consumed in her honor over the past seven days. Congratulations guys. Enjoy the cocoon – and the caffeine.

So – without further delay – pour yourself a glass – and enjoy my conversation with the Head Mofo himself – Justin Dry.

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