Dorie Clark: Influence To Income – Turning Expertise into Demand 

How do you go from an idea to influence to income? Often we only hear about the two polarities. We hear about people who have a great idea, who put a lot of time and effort into building their influence with very little results. And then there are the multi-millionaires who are living in a New York loft apartment who, just last week, we’re living in their parent’s basement but then they discovered this Killer system and now they are uber-successful. So what does it take to actually build a business as an influencer?

My next guest is Dorie Clark, author of the groundbreaking book ‘Stand Out’ where she first came to my attention. It was named the number one leadership book of 2015 by Inc magazine and named one of the top 10 business books of the year by Forbes, and is a Washington Post bestseller. She’s also recently just published a new book which is what brought us to talk this time.

It’s called ‘Entrepreneurial You’ and I would urge you to go out and get it. In this episode, we discuss how to find your breakthrough idea. We discuss the keys to building a following when starting from scratch. Why most success stories you see on Facebook aren’t true and why fear plus 10 percent is the magic number when it comes to turning it expertise into income.

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