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We are now living in an attention economy – where our ability to influence is the most valuable currency. Organisations and teams with clear focus on developing influence – internally and externally – will be the ones to dominate in this new age.

I am available to conduct keynotes and workshops on a selection of topics related to influence and branding in a new age of attention. The most popular topics are ‘A New Age of Influence’, ‘The Influencer Code’ and ‘The Courage to Compel’, which can all be tailored to suit your individual audience and needs. Download a full topic list below, or be in touch for further information on topics, fees and availability.


“Thank you once again for what is probably the best, most useful one day training session I have ever done. This was the next level of taking control and claiming your influence with existing and potential clients.”



Most CEO’S and leaders know they need to work on their personal brand and ‘get out there’ more – both internally within their teams and externally within the marketplace. However few have the time to work out where to start. This leads to expensive and resource consuming experiments with little return on investment. Becoming known as the leading authority in your field involves strategic positioning, message design, platform selection, effective marketing materials, bulletproof speaking skills and access to a variety of proven strategies to leverage both your style and expertise.

I take on a limited number of personal advisory clients each year, supported by core members of the Influence Nation team. This proven the path to building compelling voice in the market place – then the ongoing strategy and support to amplify you as an authority.

Dan Monheit

“Julie understands brands and messaging better than anybody I’ve ever met. She’s insightful, pragmatic and inspires action. The confidence and clarity I’ve gained from working with her has been invaluable.”



Elevate your organisation as the leading authority in your space – by transforming your top talent into industry influencers. Influence Nation is a corporate thought leadership agency – using decades of experience in working with organisations looking to build credibility, drive the agenda and become the voice of authority within their marketplace. This is a new approach to branding and marketing – in a new age of influence – where 93% of your target market now follows human beings rather than brands.

The process involves identifying the expertise that already exists within your leaders and teams. Then harnessing that knowledge to create high impact platforms – including content, publishing, digital, public speaking and compelling stakeholder presentations. In addition to skills development programs to ensure your key talent are able to stand out as the most compelling voices in their space.

James Ajaka

“Julie and the team were amazing. Her manner, structure and experience were excellent. I would highly recommend for anyone looking to dramatically improve the way in which they and their team stand out as influencers in the marketplace.”



Inside Influence Podcast

Decoding influence and those that have mastered their space.

Listen as Julie Masters interviews some of the most influential thought leaders in the world; she’ll be diving deep with journalists, speakers, authors and titans of industry to decode the tools and philosophies that have lead them to owning their voice and influencing their industries.